Getting Same Day Care at Silverlake Dental Center

Scheduling dental exams in the Silver Lake area of Everett, WA shouldn’t be a trying experience. You should be able to address a dental emergency as it occurs, or see your dentist when it is convenient for you. Silverlake Dental Center offers same-day appointments, as well as flexible scheduling to better suit our patients’ needs. … Read more

Get the Facts About Root Canal Treatment


Root canal procedures can seem intimidating. However, when a dentist performs a root canal today, patients feel no more discomfort than during a routine cavity filling. New developments in modern dentistry have made the procedure completely pain-free. For patients who simply feel nervous about the idea of visiting a dentist, sedation dentistry offers effective relief … Read more

Smile Milestones: Baby’s First Dental Visit [INFOGRAPHIC]

Many new parents have the same question about their children’s dental health: when is the right time for a child’s first dental appointment? Although it is common for parents to wait until their little ones are two or older before scheduling an appointment for kids’ dental care, most dentists agree that children should have their … Read more