Teeth are an important part of the buccal cavity. Without the chewing action of teeth, digestion would be impossible. They also add aesthetic value to a person’s face. Nothing more charming than a beautiful smile flashed by a set of properly aligned white teeth.

Some people are born with overcrowded or misaligned teeth. They are not only visually unpleasant but can also result in chewing problems and reduced life of teeth. For years, metal braces have been the go-to way to rectify mispositioned teeth. 

Metal braces have proven to be effective for rectifying misaligned teeth. However, they can be quite uncomfortable to wear and require frequent dental consultation.

Orthodontists now recommend Invisalign treatment for the straightening of teeth. The term is made from combining two words: invisible and aligners. As the name depicts, Invisalign aligners appear to be a part of the teeth and do not stand out. They are made of BPA-free transparent plastic. 

Let us see how Invisalign aligners are better than regular metal braces:

Guaranteed Comfort and Convenience 

  • Invisalign aligners are customized according to the shape and structure of each person’s teeth. Unlike traditional braces, they are not fixed and can be easily removed according to the patient’s needs.  

Wearing traditional metal braces can be quite an uncomfortable experience. They work by applying consistent pressure over each tooth to move them to a specific position. The pressure is applied by wires attached to braces brackets. Stretched out and tightened wires cause soreness in the gums.

  • Metal bracelets can scrape the teeth as well. Invisalign aligners are made of smooth and soft plastic and no wires are required for their functioning. They free of all such discomforts and offer many conveniences.

Do Not Stand Out – Offer a Concealed Look

  • Invisalign aligners have a major benefit over traditional braces because of their concealed appearance. The trays are made of clear and transparent plastic. They do not stand out and appear invisible to the average onlooker.

Traditional braces often attract attention from onlookers. They can make adults and teenagers more conscious about their appearance. Invisalign aligners boost confidence and give the freedom to smile.

Fewer Dental Visits – Less Hassle

  • By opting for Invisalign aligner, you will be required to visit the dentist’s office after 6 weeks, if required at all. In some cases, the dentist provides you with a set of fresh aligner trays which can be replaced when the old ones wear off. Mostly, you can replace old trays with fresh ones yourself.

Metal braces require more maintenance and frequent dental visits. These visits are usually required to tighten the wires holding the braces brackets. Frequent visits require time and energy and are quite a hassle to deal with.

No Dietary Restrictions

  • Metal braces are not only uncomfortable to wear, but they also come with a set of dietary restrictions. With metal braces on, you have to stay away from any food which is either too hard or too sticky or both. They can stick to the wires of braces and can cause oral issues. 

Your orthodontist will ask you to avoid eating food such as candy, popcorn, taffy, and bagels. While these foods aren’t super healthy to begin with, metal braces won’t allow you to eat them even occasionally. 

  • With Invisalign aligner, you have the freedom to eat anything. This is because Invisalign aligners can be removed before eating and put on after brushing your teeth properly. 

Enhanced Oral Hygiene

  • Metal braces make the processes of brushing and flossing quite difficult. The wires get in the way of the brush, reducing the efficiency of brushing. Braces can also leave marks on your teeth or gums. Hence, oral health and hygiene are compromised with traditional braces.

Aligners are removable. This allows you to brush, floss, and gargle freely. Dental hygiene is maintained without any hurdle.

Hence we can conclude that Invisalign is a much better alternative to metal braces. If you are looking for a qualified orthodontist in Everett and Seattle, we recommend you consult Icon Dental Center. They offer top-notch dental services and can fix any set of overcrowded or misaligned teeth.

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