Even if you’re on vacation, you shouldn’t forget about your oral health and hygiene. It can be easy to set aside oral care when you’re busy enjoying your holiday or attending business conferences and meetings. Additionally, because you’re away from home, you might need to break from your routines. However, the routine that involves your oral health must not be broken. To make sure that you’re less likely to stray, here are some tips to keep in mind. 


Pack early and properly. 

It’s necessary that you prepare your things way ahead of time to make sure that you don’t forget anything important. Yes, that includes your oral care kit.  You should also pack your oral care kit properly. Get a large enough container for your toothbrush to allow air circulation. This means forgetting about that tight toothbrush case. The container should also have holes to allow ventilation and drainage. 


Always dry out your toothbrush. 

A toothbrush that’s always wet attracts bacteria and becomes a good breeding ground for germs. As soon as you arrive at your accommodation, take your toothbrush from its container to air it out. Leave it standing upright in a glass or cup to let any water particles to drain from the bristles. 


Opt for portable oral care products. 

You can make sure that you still follow through your oral care routine by bringing portable products with you. A foldable or collapsible toothbrush, a small pack of floss, and a travel size mouthwash are all very easy to fit into your carry-on or purse. This way, even if you’ll be on a long flight, you can still brush, floss, and swish. 


Have a plan.

It will help to pack an extra set of oral care products. It will come in handy when you lose or run out of supplies and can’t readily get replacements. You’d be lucky if your hotel stocks disposable toothbrush and toothpaste.  In case you’re left only with your toothbrush, go ahead and still brush your teeth using only water. Doing so even lets you remove plaque and food particles from your teeth. Just brush with toothpaste as soon as available. 


Don’t forget cleanliness.

Always wash your hands before brushing or flossing to prevent any bacteria or germs that might be on your hands from transferring to the toothbrush or floss. You should also check the water before you use it for brushing. If it’s unsafe to drink, then it’s also not ideal for oral care. Use bottled water instead. If possible, you can also boil some water.


Enjoy treats for your teeth.

If you think your travel will make it impossible for you to brush your teeth for hours, pack some treats that can help clean your teeth and mouth. Sugarless gums, particularly those sweetened with xylitol, are suitable for stimulating the production of saliva that helps cleanse the teeth. Bacteria and food particles will also stick to the gum instead of staying in your mouth. You may also try sugarless candies, especially those with green tea extract. Drinking green tea itself also helps protect the teeth as it’s also known to fight off bacteria that cause cavities. Icon Dental Center is a dental office in Seattle, if you’re looking for a new local dentist in Seattle, come to visit us today!


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