regular dental cleaningsTop dentists near you reveal 6 big benefits of regular dental cleanings.

Most of us avoid taking a trip to the dentist’s office unless it is necessary. Dental anxiety and expensive treatment are two factors that prevent people from seeing dentists regularly. It is recommended to consult a dentist once or twice a year to receive a thorough dental checkup. Regular dental appointments help identify dental issues and treat them on spot. This form of preventive dentistry not only saves you money which is, later on, spent on expensive treatments but also saves the pain and discomfort associated with them.

During a dental appointment, your dentist will identify the problems and perform dental cleanings. During these cleanings, plaque and tartar are removed from the teeth. Plaque deposits on the teeth due to insufficient oral hygiene. Whereas brushing and flossing are important to maintain oral hygiene, they cannot remove bacteria and debris completely. Deposition of dental debris leads to the formation of dental cavities which can result in tooth loss. Regular dental cleanings help prevent cavity formation and subsequent loss of teeth.

They are important because they offer the following benefits:

Keep Cavities in Check

  • A dental cavity is a hole inside the tooth. It is formed when the hard material of the tooth is permanently lost due to dental decay. During your regular dental cleaning session, the dentist will remove the build-up of plaque and tartar from your teeth before they can cause any permanent damage to the tooth. Dental drills and lasers are used for this purpose.

This preventive measure keeps the cavities in check and halts their development.

Ensures Healthy Gums

  • Gums provide the support structure for teeth and help in regulating oral functions. When dental decay is left untreated, it rots the tooth structure, and eventually, the tooth has to be extracted out. Loss of a tooth can result in bone loss which supports the gum. Untreated plaque and tartar can cause inflammation of gums as well. This results in a disease called Gingivitis. If gingivitis worsens, it can transform into a more serious condition called periodontitis.

Regular dental cleanings ensure that gums remain safe from dental ailments.

Enhances Your Smile

  • Regular dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Along with that, they also remove all semi-permanent stains which may appear on your teeth due to consumption of certain foods and beverages. With regular dental cleanings, you won’t require any extra teeth whitening procedures. Hence, you will save money while flaunting off a beautiful pearl white smile.

Improves Overall Health

Tooth decay does not just affect oral functions, it can also lead to certain health issues such as the development of heart disease or diabetes. Dental cleanings not only result in healthier teeth but also ensure better health overall.

Bad Breath is Staved Off

  • Bad breath can be quite embarrassing. Your bad breath usually occurs due to poor oral hygiene and some problems with the digestive system. Dental cleanings will keep your mouth healthy and free from odor-producing bacteria. Hence, bad breath is staved off due to dental cleanings.

Cost-Effective Approach

Dental cleanings are part of preventive dentistry. Scheduled visits to the dentist will ensure that all the dental problems are nipped in the bud and don’t aggravate to the extent that expensive treatments are required for them. Regular dental cleanings will keep your teeth problem-free and will make your dental visits less painful and more comfortable.

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  1. It sure was helpful when you said that semi-permanent stains due to the consumption of certain food and beverages can be removed when a dental cleaning service is considered. I will share this with my sister because the stains on her two front teeth due to her love for coffee and wine have been affecting her self-esteem. We will meet next Friday to bond, so I will ask her to consider a dental service.


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