benefits of sedation dentistry

Top dentists near you explain 5 exceptional benefits of sedation dentistry

Dental anxiety is real and many of us have experienced it at some point during our lives. The idea of dental drills digging so close to our teeth and gums is outright frightening.  A lot of people postpone a much-needed dental visit because of the fear they feel for dental procedures.

For such people and more, sedation dentistry is the most viable option. Sedation dentistry is the administration of certain pharmacological agents to relax and calm down the patient and to make him less conscious of the dental procedure. Sedation dentistry offers multiple benefits, as stated below.

1. Helps Overcome Fear and Anxiety

  • Those of us who have had an uncomfortable experience with certain dental procedures have a lot of dental anxiety and fear. Sedation dentistry is ideal for such candidates. During sedation dentistry, the patient is sedated just enough so that he relaxes and can undergo the procedure without any fear.

Once the procedure is over, the patient wakes up feeling fresh and has little to no recollection of the procedure.

2. Simplifies Dental Procedures

  • Some people suffer from gag reflex. Even the basic dental equipment such as forceps and tongs when inserted inside the mouth can trigger a gag reflex causing the person to close his mouth. Conditions like gag reflex and sensitive teeth or gum make the dental procedures quite difficult to perform. They are stressful for both dentists and patients.

When the patient is sedated and relaxed, performing certain dental procedures becomes faster and easier. The dentist focuses solely on the procedure without worrying about the patient’s discomfort and unwanted reactions from him.

3. Gives An Opportunity to Rest

  • Busy executives and moms need to catch a break every now and then. Undergoing a dental procedure while being sedated gives them an opportunity to relax and rest for a while. Several patients have reported waking up feeling fresh and rested after going through sedation dentistry.

4. Triggers Anterograde Amnesia

  • Anterograde Amnesia is a medical condition characterized by a reduction in the ability to remember and retain new information. Sedation dentistry triggers this kind of amnesia i.e. it prevents the brain from forming memories of the dental procedure. This helps in dealing with dental anxiety. When we don’t remember what went on during the procedure, the brain won’t send us into a panic mode every time we hear the word dentist or dental procedure.

For a lot of us, dental anxiety stems from unpleasant encounters we experienced in childhood. But with sedation dentistry, the fear is suppressed as the brain loses its ability to register feelings of fear and anxiety.

5. Fewer Dental Appointments Are Needed

  • Most dental procedures require multiple appointments. With sedation dentistry, the number of appointments is reduced quite a lot. The reason being that the dentist gets a lot more done in one sitting when the patient is calm and is not interfering with the procedure. Whether you are seeking treatment for sore gums, cavity filling, or a simple teeth whitening procedure, the dentist will get work done faster when the patient is sedated.

You will be able to save time and money with fewer dental appointments. Even the more complicated procedures such as root canal can be finished in one or two sittings as the dentist will get more work done in one sitting.

After reading the multiple benefits it offers, you may consider yourself a suitable candidate for it. Always consult a reliable dental clinic like Icon Dental Center to opt for sedation dentistry and other procedures. They provide multiple dental services in Everett, Seattle, and nearby areas.

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