Learn more about the dental crown placement procedure from dentists

Learn more about the dental crown placement procedure from top dentists in Seattle and Everett

The dental crown placement procedure is a regular procedure and there is nothing you need to be afraid of. Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration solutions. The crowns are made of synthetic materials such as metal, ceramic, porcelain, or resin. They are tooth-shaped coverings for an existing tooth that has been damaged or compromised. 

Dental crowns offer multiple benefits such as restoration of strength and protection from further deterioration of a compromised tooth. 

Dental crown placement is a simple and pain-free process. The placement process requires at least two dental visits. During these visits, the tooth is examined and prepared to adjust the crown. 

Tooth impressions are taken to prepare a custom made crown for the tooth. In the meanwhile, the compromised tooth is covered with a temporary crown. 

The second visit is scheduled after the permanent crown has been prepared and is ready to be fixed. Let us take a detailed look at both the procedures.

Details of First Dental Visit

During the first visit, the dentist performs the following steps:

Investigation and Examination:

  • The mouth’s ecosystem is thoroughly examined to detect any signs of dental decay. An x-ray of the mouth is carried out and any signs of damages and decay are identified during the oral examination.

Dentists cannot place dental crowns before treating the underlying problems and infections. Dental fillings are placed for decayed teeth before placing a crown.

Tooth Reshaping

  • The next step is to reshape the existing tooth to fit in the dental crown. Some tooth material is removed to make space for the crown.  The tooth’s top and sides are filed to reshape the tooth according to the desired shape. 

In this regard, metal crowns are better because they require very little removal of the tooth material.

Taking Tooth Impressions

  • After the tooth has been properly carved and shaped, an accurate impression of the tooth is created. This is done by using putty or a viscous paste. It is applied over the tooth surface firmly where it dries quickly. The dried paste holds the impression of the tooth. 

This impression is used for making the crown as close to the tooth’s requirement as possible. During this procedure, the dentist also notes other details of the tooth such as the color and natural fit. The dentist tries to make a crown that would blend in naturally with the surrounding teeth.

Making a Temporary Crown

  • The permanent crown takes 10 days for preparation. In the meantime, the dentist fixes a temporary crown over the compromised tooth to avoid further deterioration. The temporary crown is removed during the next visit and replaced with a permanent one. 

Details of Second Dental Visit

The tooth impressions are sent to a laboratory or to dental technicians. They prepare a dental crown according to the natural shape and carving of the teeth. After the permanent crown has been prepared, the dentist informs the patient and an appointment is made for a second dental visit.

Before placing the permanent crown, the dentist first examines it to see whether it has been made properly or not. The dentist then proceeds to remove the temporary crown. Placement of permanent crown requires the following steps:

  • Local anesthesia is administered to the area surrounding the compromised tooth. The anesthesia numbs the surrounding area which makes the process pain-free.
  • The crown is placed over the tooth and a dental cement is used for fixing it.
  • After the crown is fixed, the patient is asked to perform biting function a few times. If the patient can bite without any obstruction, the crown is the right fit. 

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