Many people have experienced great success with teeth whitening in addition to dental cleanings in the Silver Lake area of Everett, WA, but far fewer have a detailed understanding of how it works. Understanding teeth bleaching can allow you to maintain your results and enjoy a brighter smile for a longer period of time after leaving the dental office. Watch this video clip if you’d like to find out how tooth whitening works and how it can enhance your regular dental cleanings.

When you drink coffee, eat berries, or smoke a cigarette, you are subjecting the enamel of your teeth to pigmented molecules. Unless quickly removed, these molecules can stain your teeth and result in discoloration. Tooth whitening treatments seek to reverse this process with the help of bleaching agents. They break down these staining molecules into smaller pieces, and thus your teeth appear whiter. You can also use products like whitening toothpaste to address simpler stains on the surface of your teeth, but keep in mind that your dentist will use stronger materials at a dental office.

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