Tooth extractions are a common procedure found in dental offices, and there are many tips and suggestions to prevent complications following an extraction. Following the dentist’s instructions and maintaining good dental care in the Silver Lake area of Everett, Washington is essential to preventing potential infections and complications. Here is a brief look at some of the other ways to prevent complications following a tooth extraction.

Avoid Certain Eating and Drinking Habits

After a tooth extraction, there is likely to be tenderness and soreness around the extraction site. Patients should refrain from chewing on the sensitive side of the mouth. This will keep the soreness and the swelling down, but it will also help prevent food particles and bacteria from collecting in the area. Dentists will also recommend patients refrain from using certain utensils, such as drinking straws, and eating certain foods during the healing time. The sucking motion used when drinking from a straw can cause a painful and serious infection called dry socket. Patients should strive to avoid this condition at all costs.

Carefully Maintain Daily Oral Hygiene

Patients should continue to follow their daily oral hygiene regimen, including flossing and brushing. The dental office may supply a medicated or antiseptic mouth rinse to prevent possible infections. When brushing and flossing, patients should be aware of the extraction site and brush with care around the area. Patients should also be careful to not disturb any stitches in the area. If the stitches become dislodged, patients should call their dentist for further instructions.

Follow the Dentist’s Instructions

Above all, patients should follow the list of dental care instructions their dentist gives them following a tooth extraction. This list may include a temporary alteration of certain habits, such as eating, drinking, and brushing. The dentist may also include various medications for patients to take, including antibiotics or over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. These instructions are very important to the health of the extraction site, as well as the patients’ overall and dental health.

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