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Emergency Orthodontics in Seattle

Common orthodontic emergencies such as swollen gums, broken brackets, poking archwires, loose teeth, and damaged retainers require swift action. Icon Dental Orthodontics is your trusted partner in offering fast and professional services for your dental emergencies. Untreated orthodontic issues can cause pain and discomfort, affecting your productivity. For quick relief, visit Icon Dental Orthodontics now. We offer the best and most affordable treatment for all dental emergencies.

Orthodontics for Children in Seattle

Did you know three out of four children have crowded teeth and suffer from jaw irregularities? Orthodontics issues such as crooked and impacted teeth become noticeable in children as young as five. Dental experts recommend that children should have their first orthodontics’ checkup before the age of seven. Early diagnosis increases the effectiveness of the treatment. Visit Icon Dental Orthodontics today for a professional and detailed checkup of your child’s teeth.

Orthodontics for Teens in Seattle

Dental irregularities such as protruding and misaligned teeth and crooked smiles are a teenager’s worst nightmare. Teenage is a pretty turbulent time without the added stress of dental irregularities spoiling your looks. If your social life is in disarray due to crowded or protruding teeth, it is time to fix your teeth and flaunt a beautiful smile with confidence. Icon Dental Orthodontics offers advanced treatments to relieve your dental woes. Contact us today.

Orthodontics for Adults in Seattle

Did you know that every one in four orthodontic patients is an adult? Orthodontic problems don’t go away on their own. The only way to end your dental woes is to seek professional treatment. Icon Dental Orthodontics has a solution for all your orthodontics issues. So do not delay the treatment any further. Book yourself an appointment with the top orthodontists and say hello to pain-free teeth and jaws.

Invisalign Service in Seattle

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment used for straightening crooked teeth. It comprises a series of custom-made, clear braces that fit over the teeth. Invisalign is made of BPA-free plastic. Invisalign is the preferred orthodontics treatment because they are far less noticeable, easy to remove, and offer a painless experience. Icon Dental Orthodontics provides the best quality Invisalign treatment in Seattle. For more information, call us now.

Invisalign for Children in Seattle

Most orthodontists recommend Invisalign as the first line of treatment for children. It is a painless and hassle-free treatment that requires fewer visits to the dentist’s office, saving your kids precious time. If your child’s teeth are growing in an asymmetrical pattern, consult our skilled orthodontists at Icon Dental Center. They will recommend the best and most effective Invisalign treatment for your child

Invisalign for Teens in Seattle

Most teenagers are reluctant to use metal braces to achieve a perfectly symmetrical smile. With Invisalign, teens can correct their dental irregularities without having a mouthful of braces. Invisalign is the preferred treatment choice amongst teens because they are less noticeable and comfortable to wear. Invisalign has benefited more than 3 million teenagers from across the world. Book an appointment with our top consultants and let them help you make the right choice.

Invisalign for Adults in Seattle

Untreated orthodontic issues make their way to adulthood. Crowded and misaligned teeth not only spoil one’s aesthetic appeal but also lead to the development of dental diseases. Being a fully-functioning adult, you should be free to own your smile without worrying about misaligned teeth. Invisalign is a convenient and effective way to straighten your teeth and prevent them from decay and wear and tear. For more information, visit Icon Dental Orthodontics today.

Dental Braces for Children in Seattle

Traditional metal braces are the most common appliances for correcting crooked, protruding, and overlapping teeth. They are not just inexpensive but effective in achieving the desired result. If your child is 12 years or above, he is a suitable candidate for getting braces. With braces, the treatment duration is between 6 to 24 months. Icon Dental Orthodontics experts prioritize comfort and convenience when treating children with braces. For more information, give us a call.

Dental Braces for Teens in Seattle

Most teenagers are conscious about their looks, and crooked, misplaced, and misaligned teeth are their worst nightmare. Traditional braces are a quick and easy fix for achieving dental symmetry. If you are uncomfortable with metal braces, you can opt for ceramic ones, as they are much less noticeable than metal ones. Our dental experts will guide you every step of the way and help you select the most optimal braces for your dental irregularities.


Dental Braces for Adults in Seattle

Adults with dental irregularities are more prone to dental decay, periodontal disease, and biting issues. Braces can fix these issues and help you achieve a beautiful smile that you can wear confidently. Braces are a time and cost-effective treatment for adults. This may surprise you, but over a million adults wear braces to rectify their dental concerns. Our orthodontists are experienced in fixing braces for adults. So book an appointment today and get the best braces treatment now. 

Why Choose Icon Dental As Your Orthodontics

Eight out of ten patients choose Icon Dental Orthodontics for all their dental issues. We are the preferred choice because of the following reasons:


  • Our team of dental experts is skilled in dealing with all kinds of orthodontics issues; however complex they may be. 
  • We offer cost-effective and affordable treatment packages. 
  • Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that ensures proper and hygienic treatment. 
  • Our staff is friendly, courteous and cooperative. 
  • We ensure the highest level of privacy regarding our patients’ personal details.

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Seattle Professional Orthodontics Near You

Icon Dental Orthodontics now offers expert orthodontics services in Seattle. So visit our clinic today and say goodbye to your dental woes. We take pride in having the most expert orthodontists on board and delivering excellent services to all our patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Orthodontist

An orthodontist is a specialized dentist who prevents, diagnoses, and treats misaligned teeth and irregularities in the face and jaw. They use specialized appliances such as braces and aligners to make teeth more symmetrical.

Orthodontics treatments serve two purposes:


  • Rectify the dental irregularities and encourage optimal functioning of teeth. They also prevent teeth wear and tear due to grinding, overbite, and underbite. 
  • By making teeth more symmetrical, they improve the aesthetics of the face.

Yes, The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that by the time your child reaches seven years of age, he should have his first dental checkup with an orthodontist.

Teeth extraction is not a part of regular orthodontic treatments. However, it becomes necessary in the following scenarios:


  • The patient has severely crowded teeth.
  • The presence of impacted teeth, i.e., when the teeth become trapped underneath the gum line. 

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