invisalignWhen patients ask their dentists whether Invisalign is good for them, the answer is often very straightforward: yes. Unlike typical metal braces, Invisalign has many benefits. The greatest of which is their removable nature. This makes eating and keeping your teeth clean much easier.

Each Invisalign is molded to perfectly fit a patient’s mouth. One of the biggest benefits is that once it’s on your teeth, it is practically invisible. These aligners also apply a lot less force on your teeth compared to metal braces, which reduces the risk of harming your teeth.

Invisalign can be used by both adults and teenagers. Below are many benefits of its usage by both age groups.

Adult benefits

  • Metal braces are often worn by children or teenagers, which means many adults hesitate to wear them when they want to get their teeth straightened. Metal braces also force people to change their dietary habits which no normal adult enjoys doing. Both of these problems can be avoided by using Invisalign.
  • With Invisalign, you do not have to change your diet and when they’re on your teeth, they’re also practically invisible.
  • Since Invisalign can be easily removed from the teeth and kept inside a container, it is an attractive option for many adults. You can take them off whenever you want, especially before eating something that you cannot eat while aligners are on.

You can remove Invisalign for up to four hours, which means if you have any special occasion coming where you know you’ll be taking a lot of memorable photos, you can remove them without the worry of damaging your teeth or the aligners.

Teenager benefits

  • Teenagers are often involved in different physical activities and sports. They generally live a very busy and social life. If your kid plays a musical instrument that requires the use of mouth, metal braces can be quite concerning because they interfere with the ability to play the instrument.
  • In sports particularly, teenagers often have to wear mouth guards. With traditional braces, one cannot wear a mouth guard. But with Invisalign for teens, mouth guards can easily be worn after removing the aligners and keeping them inside a safe container. The same can be done when they are practicing music with an instrument.

Since Invisalign generally makes cleaning teeth easier, teens often find these aligners helpful. They can easily floss and brush their teeth without the worry of damaging the aligners. This is not the case with typical metal braces which are prone to damage during cleaning.

Simply put, whether you’re an adult or a teen, Invisalign is an excellent way to get your teeth straightened without the traditional problems of wearing metal braces.

Invisalign are also easier to put on and cause little to no pain when they are worn. They are also quite comfortable when compared to metal braces.

For more information on whether Invisalign is a good option for you, get in touch with our Invisalign dentists. In normal instances, a dentist always recommends using Invisalign instead of braces for the many benefits it provides.

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