If you are ready for a new start, consider setting down roots in the Everett, Washington area. Everett is located roughly 25 miles north of Seattle, a booming city with many career opportunities for those in the tech field and other industries. When you arrive at your new job, you may be presented with a good deal of information, including information about your health insurance. Your human resources representative may give you a few different options for insurance plans, so don’t forget to inquire about the extent of the coverage. You and your family need different providers, including a family dental clinic in Mukilteo to keep your smiles healthy and happy. Read on to learn more about the types of dental insurance you should ask your new employer about.

Aetna Dental Insurance

No matter what type of career you’re starting in the Everett area, you should find out about what sort of health benefits you will be afforded before you start the job. Some employers offer to pay the full cost of health insurance, while others pay a certain percentage. Dental coverage is often considered a separate entity from general health coverage, so ask your human resources representative about your options. Aetna is one of the major insurance providers in the country that we accept here at Silverlake Dental Center and Aetna does offer dental coverage options. If you work at Costco, chances are you will have Aetna dental insurance. Choose a family dentist who is in your network so that you have a lower out-of-pocket cost and you won’t have extra forms to fill out at the dental clinic.

WDS/Delta Dental

If your employer offers WDS/Delta Dental insurance, Silverlake Dental Center has you covered, too. We can treat everyone in your family with our comprehensive dental services, from Invisalign to dental fillings to routine check-ups. Delta Dental sets forth national credentialing standards, so only approved dentists are part of this elite network. To find out what dental services you and your family are covered for, check your explanation of benefits. You’ll see what is covered and whether you will have a copay for certain services.

We are in-network dentists for employees at Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing.

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