Smile Direct Club’s decline – The in-depth analysis you need before choosing Invisalign

Smile Direct Club, once a pioneer in the teledentistry industry, has recently shut down, leaving many wondering about the reasons behind its downfall. The company, co-founded in 2014 by Jordan Katzman and Alex Fenkell, officially shut its doors in December 2023, three months after filing for bankruptcy. This article highlights the factors that led to SmileDirectClub’s closure and a viable aligner alternative.

Smile Direct Club’s Approach to Teledentistry

  • Smile Direct Club pioneered the use of 3D-printed clear aligners, positioning itself as a competitor to traditional braces. The company facilitated virtual communication with licensed orthodontic professionals and its staff, creating a unique teledentistry experience.

Customers received impression kits, initiating a process where dental professionals reviewed teeth molds remotely, overseeing the treatment journey. With a network of over two hundred licensed professionals, Smile Direct Club prioritized the involvement of qualified experts in its innovative approach.

The Rise and Fall of Smile Direct Club

  • SmileDirectClub has served over 2 million individuals since its establishment in 2014. The company delivered clear dental aligners marketed as a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to traditional braces. These aligners were made accessible to consumers through direct mail and major retail outlets.

In 2019, Smile Direct Club entered the stock market with an impressive worth of approximately $8.9 billion. However, the company’s trajectory took a downturn as it struggled to demonstrate profitability year after year. The stock value plummeted over time, resulting in financial challenges.

Exploring the Reasons Behind Smile Direct Club’s Shutdown

  • By 2022, SmileDirectClub reported a substantial loss of $86.4 million, highlighting the hurdles that ultimately led to the decline of this once-prominent player in the oral-care revolution. As Smile Direct Club’s stock price went down, the company felt the need to spend a lot of money to get more customers. This was to show that their business could still grow, explained Eric Snyder, the chairman of bankruptcy at the Wilk Auslander law firm.

In addition, they faced legal battles and resistance from the orthodontics industry, making it tough for them to compete. Over the past few years, they’ve been losing a lot of money. In September, SmileDirectClub filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection while dealing with nearly $900 million in debt. Recently, they confirmed that they are closing down because they couldn’t find a partner willing to invest enough money to keep the company going.

Rise in Popularity of Invisalign Aligners

  • In recent times, invisible aligners have gained popularity as a discreet option for straightening teeth, offering a less noticeable alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments. Remote companies like Smile Direct Club have stood out because they don’t need any in-person visits.

However, SmileDirectClub has faced allegations of unfair practices. Reports suggest that the company was accused in a lawsuit of making dissatisfied patients sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). This raised concerns about transparency and customer satisfaction.

Concerns Related to Direct-to-Consumer Aligner Model

  • The absence of initial in-person evaluations and ongoing direct supervision by qualified doctors can be a cause for concern.
  • Patients may face difficulties in reaching out for help or guidance, as the supervising doctors are not always clearly identified.
  • Without a thorough examination, the potential risks associated with moving teeth, including receding gums, bite problems, and bone loss, may go unrecognized.

The American Dental Association recommends consulting with a doctor before trying any aligner treatment, emphasizing the need for a proper examination of oral health. Aligners are considered a suitable treatment when prescribed correctly.

The right approach depends on baseline diagnosis and examinations by a qualified orthodontist, aspects often lacking in direct-to-consumer services.

Orthodontist-Supported Reliable Alternative

  • In response to these concerns, Icon Dental offers a personalized and orthodontist-supported aligner service. Our approach ensures a thorough examination by qualified professionals, providing the supervision and care needed for a confident and healthy smile.

Our certified Invisalign treatment providers, Dr. Joanna Valentine and Dr. Nadia Aboulhosn offer an innovative solution for adults and teens seeking a more appealing option than traditional metal braces. The treatment addresses various orthodontic issues, offering a comfortable and discreet option.

Benefits of Icon Dental’s Invisalign Service

  • Unlike teledentistry models, our Invisalign service involves direct consultation with certified providers.
  • We prioritize a patient-doctor relationship, ensuring transparency, trust, and effective communication throughout your aligner journey.
  • Our treatment plans are customized based on your needs, and our dentists guide you through every step, addressing concerns and providing professional support.

Treatment Journey at Icon Dental Center

Icon Dental Center offers a hassle-free, convenient Invisalign treatment involving four steps:


  • Schedule a free Invisalign consultation with our certified providers.

Personalized Plan

  • Our dentists create a tailored treatment plan based on your unique needs.

Custom Aligners

Guided Progress

  • Wear a new aligner every 2 weeks, gradually revealing your beautiful new smile.

Treatment Duration

  • The treatment duration varies based on the severity of your case, with an average of 12 months for adults. While aligners can be removed as needed, optimal results are achieved when worn between 20 and 22 hours per day.

Icon Dental Center encourages patients to consult with our dentists to determine the suitability of Invisalign, considering individual needs and preferences.


  • smile direct clubAs the popularity of invisible aligners continues to rise, so does the need for a reliable and personalized alternative. While SmileDirectClub once promised convenience, its closure and concerns about its practices have left many seeking a more trustworthy option.

At Icon Dental Center, we value transparency, professionalism, and personalized care. Our Invisalign service offers a braceless alternative where certified orthodontists guide you every step of the way, prioritizing your convenience and satisfaction.

Choose Icon Dental’s Invisalign service for a reliable and professionally supervised teeth-straightening experience. Contact Icon Dental Orthodontics today to schedule an appointment for your orthodontic needs. For consultations or bookings, call us at (206) 225-2882 for Seattle and (425) 337-2400 for Everett appointments. Start your journey to a confident and healthy smile!

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