Top dentists near you discussed some tips to recover from a tooth extraction surgery

Tooth extraction is the surgical process of removing an infected or diseased tooth. The process is not very difficult itself but it requires proper aftercare, otherwise, it can lead to certain medical complications. In this article, we will discuss some important tips to recover effectively after a tooth extraction surgery.

What to Do During The First Two Days After The Surgery?

The first two days are the most crucial after the surgery. During these days, a blood clot is formed at the site of extraction which stops the bleeding and initiates the healing process. The correct formation of the blood clot is very important for the extraction site to heal completely.

Dentists recommend to follow these aftercare tips and take the following precautions during the first two days post-surgery:

  • Rest well and restrict your movement to a bare minimum.
  • Don’t change the gauze for the first few hours. This will help the clot to form. After that, change the gauze as necessary.
  • Don’t rinse, swish, spit or gargle during the first few hours after the surgery. Any type of rigorous movement inside the mouth should be avoided because it can dislodge the clot and cause bleeding.
  • Avoid using a straw for the first two days as using a straw can cause pressure on the clot, causing it to dislodge.
  • If the extraction has been performed in the upper half of the mouth, then avoid blowing your nose or sneezing vigorously. The reason is that the pressure from these actions can displace the blood clot.
  • Do not smoke during the first two days of the recovery process. The facial contraction during smoking creates the same pressure as using a straw. Try to quit smoking during the entire length of the healing period.
  • Take OTC pain relievers on time as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Put an ice pack or a bag of ice wrapped in a towel on the cheek next to the site of surgery. Performing this activity 10-20 minutes for a day will dull the pain.
  • Keep your head in an elevated position when going to sleep. The reason being that if you lie down flat on the pillow, the blood from the site of extraction may go to the head and delay healing time.

What Precautions to Take From Day Three Onwards?

tooth extraction surgeryThe extraction site is healed in 7-10 days. During the first two days, the clot has formed. After that, it is important to keep it in place and follow the basic oral hygiene practices. Practice the following aftercare tips between day three to day ten:

  • After the clot has formed, it is safe to rinse your mouth with a saline solution. In lukewarm water, add a pinch of salt and rinse your mouth with it 2 – 3 times during the day. Doing so will keep the bacterial infections at bay.
  • Use a medicated mouthwash for rinsing your mouth. Brush and floss as usual but be gentle when brushing the side where the extraction has taken place.
  • Consume soft foods that don’t require a lot of mechanical action. These include soups, yogurts, applesauce and bread, etc. soft, semi-solid foods have a less probability of getting stuck in the empty socket. Avoid hard foods such as chips and seeds etc.

Tooth extraction surgery can be quite unnerving. To avoid any hassle, it is important to consult an experienced dentist to perform the surgery. Icon Dental Center has the best team to perform a painless tooth extraction. Call us now at 206 225-2882. We provide services in Everett, Seattle, and nearby areas.

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