There are many benefits patients receive when they visit their dental office for a regular dental check-up. Patients can voice their concerns, and potential problem areas can be discovered before they become serious. These check-ups can also help patients create a familiar relationship with their dental office near Mukilteo and Mill Creek, Washington, so they will have a more comfortable and enjoyable time when meeting with their dentist.

Problem Areas Are Caught Earlier

With a regular dental exam and cleaning—usually performed once or twice a year—dentists can locate potential problem areas in a patient’s mouth. These problems might be dental cavities, insufficient daily dental care, or signs of gum disease. Any of these issues and more can be easily corrected, if they are caught early. If ignored, cavities may turn into painful root canal infections; poor dental care can result in multiple dental and gum issues; and gum disease can progress to advanced periodontitis, a painful and irreversible condition affecting the gums and teeth.

Questions Can Be Answered

Quite often, patients will have questions or concerns about their dental health and care that they forget to voice, because they do not have regular check-ups. These concerns, possibly about a persistent pain or how to brush properly, should never be ignored. Patients who see their dentist on a regular basis have the opportunity to ask their questions before they become potential problems. They can also gain a rapport with their dentist and the dental office staff. This will help patients to feel more comfortable during their appointments.

Dental Cleanings Are Performed

With dental check-ups usually come dental cleanings, whether done by the dentist or hygienist. These professional cleanings are essential to remove regular plaque and calculus buildup before it becomes a problem for the patients’ dental health. Dentists and hygienists are also able to use these cleanings to help patients understand how their daily dental care should be performed. Dental cleanings are just as essential as dental check-ups.

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