dental cleaning stepsVisiting the dentist for dental cleaning is considered a dreadful experience, at least according to popular belief. The process itself revolves around occasional prodding by the dentist, weird noises, and jaw discomfort which is why it is easy to see why so many people dread it.

For the most part, though, a dental cleaning procedure is quite the opposite. It is painless and as simple as teeth cleaning can get. If you have been afraid to visit to the dentist just for teeth cleaning, knowing exactly what happens during the process might ease your fears. So here is a look at the process in detail.

Physical examination

  • Before any sort of teeth cleaning happens, a dental hygienist will require a physical exam of your mouth. They will use a small mirror to check your entire jaw, teeth, and gums for signs of diseases like gingivitis or any other potential oral problems. If any major problem is detected by the hygienist, they might call the dentist to make sure if it is safe to move on to the next step.

Plaque and tartar removal

  • The dental hygienist will once again use a mirror to help them in the cleaning process. They will start by using a scaler to get rid of any tartar or plaque around the gum line as well as between the teeth. At this moment, you may start to feel sensations of scraping on your teeth. Rest assured, this is safe and normal. The hygienist will spend more time getting rid of plaque if there is more tartar in your teeth.

Electric-brush cleaning

  • Once the teeth are completely free of tartar and plaque, the dental hygienist will proceed to clean your teeth using a high-powered electric brush. This brush produces a grinding sound and you may feel discomfort for the next few minutes. While this sound may sound scary, it is actually normal and the best way to clean any tartar left behind in the previous step.

The hygienist will also use toothpaste which tastes and smells like normal toothpaste. So don’t be afraid if you see them using it.

Deep flossing

  • Next up, the dental hygienist will work their magic with detailed flossing. They will get deep on the sides of your teeth which are unreachable with other tools. This step will further clean your teeth of any plaque left by the scraper and electric-brushing.

Rinsing the mouth

  • The dental hygienist will now allow you to rinse your mouth and get rid of any debris left there. Most of the times, the rinse you will get will contain liquid fluoride in it. So don’t worry if the taste of the liquid feels different.

Fluoride treatment application

Finally, the dental hygienist will begin with fluoride treatment. The treatment will help your teeth fight back cavities and other common teeth problem for months to come. If you are lucky, your dental hygienist may even ask you for your favorite flavor.

This treatment involves a sticky paste which will be applied on a mouthpiece, that mouthpiece will fit over your teeth for the duration of the treatment.

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