Are you preparing to take your child to meet his or her very first dentist? When you select a dentist, make sure to select a practice that focuses on family dentistry. A family dentist should make you and your children feel immediately comfortable, offer a wide range of kids’ dental procedures, and attend to any emergency dental needs as quickly as possible. In general, every child should visit a dentist by around age one. Keep reading to learn what you can expect during this important first visit, including preventative tips, thorough cleaning, and future planning.

Preventative Tips

When you take your child to visit a dentist, he or she will offer you tips on how to prevent serious oral health problems down the road. While few children have cavities by age one, a dentist is very vigilant about preventing tooth decay, even in baby teeth. Your dentist will discuss how your child’s teeth will develop, what you can expect from the teething process, and how your child’s teeth will come together in a bite. Your dentist will also discuss other family dentistry concerns, including thumb sucking and pacifier use.

Thorough Cleaning

Next, your dentist will undertake a professional teeth cleaning of your child’s mouth. During this routine dental care procedure, your dentist will show you exactly how to brush your child’s teeth and will also give you a chance to practice. If your child’s teeth appear stained or your child has a higher than average risk of tooth decay, your dentist may also recommend a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is essential for strengthening tooth enamel and warding off cavities.

Future Planning

Finally, you and your dentist will create an oral health care plan for the future. Your dentist will provide tips on how to prevent common kids’ dental issues, like knocked-out teeth and cavities. Your dentist will also discuss the link between diet and oral health and suggest preparing meals involving leafy greens, fresh fruit, and whole grains. Finally, you and your dentist will create a plan for follow-up care.

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