Teen smiles transformed – The power of orthodontic treatment revealed!

3.5 million American kids and teenagers begin orthodontic treatment in the form of braces each year. Braces offer an excellent way to enhance the appearance and alignment of teeth. However, for teenagers, braces can provide benefits beyond teeth correction. They can significantly boost self-esteem and confidence. Let’s explore more compelling reasons why teens should consider them.

Improve Speech Disorders

  • Misaligned teeth are a risk factor for speech disorders, particularly those involving the pronunciation of consonants. Speech issues can cause teenagers to become self-conscious, thereby leading to several mental health issues. When your teeth are properly aligned, the tongue can form the shapes needed to form proper words and sounds.

In addition, misaligned teeth affect other aspects of a teen’s life. People with crooked teeth suffer from low self-esteem. They feel the need to hide their smiles and avoid speaking in educational and other social settings. Getting braces helps improve the smile and esthetics of the teeth, eliminates social anxiety, and motivates adolescents to be their best selves.

Instill Self-Confidence

  • Teens with misaligned or crooked teeth struggle with insecurities about their appearance. However, braces offer them a transformative solution to correct orthodontic issues and boost self-esteem. Braces designed for teens are strategically positioned to correct misaligned teeth and eliminate gaps between them, contributing to a more appealing smile. Parents observe a notable improvement in their child’s self-esteem after orthodontic treatment.

In addition, by the time the treatment is complete, teenagers enjoy straighter and whiter teeth. This instills confidence, particularly during the challenging phase of adolescence when appearance matters significantly. Therefore, braces are an essential investment that empowers teenagers to control their appearance.

Enhance Teeth and Gum Health

  • Crooked teeth provide an ideal surface for plaque build-up that can irritate the gums. In addition, crooked or crowded teeth make it hard for teens to brush their teeth and reach the crooked areas of the mouth. Moreover, it becomes difficult to floss misaligned teeth.

When it becomes difficult to reach all the surfaces of the teeth, tartar and plaque accumulate in certain parts of the teeth. Braces straighten the misaligned teeth and improve the spacing. This allows young children to clean every corner and surface of their teeth to remove food particles and prevent plaque from building. This eliminates potential issues like bad breath, tooth decay, and periodontal disease.

Correct Bruxism

  • One major contributing factor to teeth grinding or bruxism is poor teeth alignment. Bruxism refers to clenching, gnashing, and shifting of teeth during sleep. Over time, grinding results in wear and tear and serious damage to tooth enamel.

Damaged enamel is the leading cause of sensitivities, root canal infections, and tooth fractures. By improving the overall teeth alignment, braces allow teeth to find a proper resting position while you are asleep. This reduces the risk of grinding and long-term stress on the teeth.

Support Digestion

  • orthodontic treatmentCorrectly aligned teeth can significantly impact your child’s ability to chew food effectively. When food is properly broken down into smaller pieces, it aids digestion and speeds up the absorption of nutrients, ultimately benefiting the growing child’s overall health.

However, some parents delay seeking advice from an orthodontist, assuming that their child’s teeth and jaw appear normal. Remember that orthodontists have a trained eye for clinical assessment. They can identify dental issues that might not be readily apparent to parents.

If your child has misaligned teeth or related issues, contact Icon Dental Orthodontics today to schedule an appointment with the best orthodontists in Seattle or Everett. Our expert dentists are dedicated to providing the best orthodontic treatment for teens, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and beyond. Trust us to help you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile. For consultations or bookings, call us at (206) 225-2882 for Seattle and (425) 337-2400 for Everett appointments.

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