These days, coffee, tea, wine, smoking, and quite a number of other things that stain your teeth are a part of everyday life. This means that for most people, dull and discoloured teeth are only a matter of time. Gradually, you will start to notice your teeth taking on a different shade. This is why teeth whitening is becoming more popular today.

Everybody wants shiny pearly whites when they smile. There are tons of products that you can get in the market right now to whiten your teeth at home, but they aren’t nearly as worth your money compared to a professional whitening session. You can reclaim that glow with whitening treatments! Here are some reasons you should consider checking out professional teeth whitening:

You will get better, faster results

Seeing as an actual dentist will be doing the job for you, using legitimate products, the results will ultimately be a lot better than if you just got a whitening kit at the store. Professional teeth whitening will bring you bright, better, longer-lasting results. Whitening with a professional will be a faster process since you will see results right away.

Those sticky, messy strips will only last for so long and will take a while to start working. Getting your whitening procedure done in-office will allow you to get results in time for that wedding, event, or other function that you are planning to go to. You won’t have time to invest in those home kits that take forever to see results.

Treatment will be individualised

If you get your teeth whitened with your normal dentist, you are having the treatment done by someone who knows your teeth better than anyone else. They will know your sensitive spots, what you’ve had done, how many cavities you have, whether or not you have sensitivity, and many other important things that might make your whitening process more comfortable when considered.

This is why professional teeth whitening is better. Even if you don’t go to your usual dentist, a professional will be better at personalizing your experience for you so that your sensitivities are considered during the process whereas an at-home kit will not consider that when they make their products; they are basically for the general public and won’t be as effective for those who might have different needs.

Some stains are stubborn

Sometimes those at-home kits will not be able to get those stubborn stains out. If you have stains that are persistent, it might be best to have a professional take care of it for you. A professional will use better ingredients with stronger agents in order to make sure that even the peskiest of stains are removed.

The dentist’s office is a safer environment

Trying to whiten on your own can go wrong, believe it or not. If you suffer from sensitivity, a professional will be able to help you with these things. They will be performing these procedures in a sterile environment using the best products and tools that are needed to make sure that nothing is missed.

The results will last longer

Right when you are finished and fresh off the chair, you can evaluate your smile and see how many shades lighter your smile has become. Professional teeth whitening will allow you to really see measurable results, which is a lot better than trying to do it on your own at home, only to miss spots or areas that might have needed more work than others. A dentist will also be able to educate you on better oral practices to keep your smile shining.

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