You’ve probably heard of probiotics before – the beneficial bacteria that are found everywhere from face masks to yogurt and more. You’ve probably taken probiotics in supplement form as well to help support the help of your stomach. But were you aware that there are two different types of probiotics?

You’re already aware of the benefits of probiotics on the health of your gut, but did you know the second type of probiotics, commonly known as oral probiotics exist? These probiotics are especially important to maintain a balanced oral microbiome which can help in preventing cavities, keep gum disease away and support fresh breath.

The Major Difference Between Regular and Oral Probiotics

  • The major difference between the two probiotics is the method of delivery to the body and the types of organisms each is made with.

Regular probiotics have bacterial strains that are natively found in the gut. They are taken in a capsule form that is designed to enter your gut and resist the gastric juices and acidic pH of your stomach. 

  • Oral probiotics, on the other hand, have beneficial strains that are good for the oral microbiome. These probiotics are usually delivered through chewable tablets because they are meant to sit in your mouth for as long as they completely dissolve, making sure they get enough time to clear your oral microbiome.

With that aside, let’s look at the 7 surprising benefits of Oral Probiotics for oral hygiene.

4 Surprising Benefits of Oral Probiotics

Prevents and Reduces Gingivitis

  • Probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri has been particularly shown to reduce gum bleeding and gingivitis. When the probiotic enters your mouth, it takes out gingivitis causing and plaque-forming microbes 

With regular consumption of Lactobacillus reuteri, you can avoid gum disease and even reverse the condition if you have it. Talk to a Periodontist today to get a good picture of how healthy your teeth and gums are. 

Prevents Plaque Buildup in the Mouth

  • Plaque results from a cluster of bad bacteria that resides in your mouth. These bacteria start to gather on the teeth and feed on sugars and carbohydrates that you eat, and while they are busy feeding on these, they release acids that cause cavities and tooth decay.

By consuming a probiotic known as Streptococcus A12, you can eliminate the harmful bacteria from the teeth and reduce plaque buildup. It is important to know that probiotics on their own may not be enough to completely clean your mouth, a regular dental checkup may be needed after every six months to ensure your oral health is in pristine condition.

Promotes Fresh Breath

  • Oral probiotics are very good at fighting bad breath – some research has even claimed that they are better than using an antibacterial mouthwash for bad breath. Mouthwash only kills the bacteria that cause bad breath but at the same time, it eliminates all the good bacteria which is critical for a healthy mouth and oral microbiome.

Probiotics, on the other hand, can restore the balance and improve your oral health overall. A research study suggests that these probiotics can reduce bad breath by eliminating the harmful bacteria that cause bad breath.

Fights Candida Overgrowth

  • Candida is a type of fungi that naturally resides in the mouth, but when your oral microbiome goes out of balance, the overgrowth can become a huge problem. One of the conditions caused by candida overgrowth is oral thrush – strange spots appearing on the tongue.

The common way to stop this condition from spreading is to stop consuming carbs and sugars that allow the candida to feed. Coupled with a high-quality oral probiotic, you can stop the growth of candida and it will never bother you again.


By reading the above benefits of oral probiotics, you now have a good picture of how your oral microbiome impacts your mouth and overall health in many ways. Although we are only beginning to understand the implications of a good or bad oral microbiome, we at least know that keeping it healthy means a healthy life.

If you are struggling to find oral probiotics to use, visit us at Icon Dental Center Everett of Seattle and let us look at the current state of your mouth health. Our dentists will gladly help you pick the right probiotics for your specific mouth health conditions. 

Last but not least, do not forget to visit your dentist every six months to ensure that your oral health is in perfect condition. Icon Dental Center is always accepting new patients for routine dental exams and cleanings. To book an appointment, simply fill our new patient appointment form or talk to us on the phone. 

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