Visit any dentist in Seattle or Everette for regular dental exams and cleanings, and they will tell you to eat more yogurt. Many dentists consider it to be a superfood for your teeth. Not only it is tasty and popular amongst kids and adults alike, but it is also a healthy choice for calcium and probiotics.

There have been a lot of research studies in the past many years that have found plain yogurt to be beneficial for your oral health. Here are just a few of the ways it helps with oral hygiene. 

Yogurt Will Strengthen Your Teeth

  • Yogurt has high calcium and calcium keeps your bones and teeth strong. This is why it is especially necessary for growing children because when the body is growing the most, calcium helps maintain the density of skeletal bones.

Moreover, after permanent teeth have erupted, calcium can help prevent tooth decay by giving a boost to the enamel.

Yogurt Keeps Your Gums Safe

  • Yogurt is rich in probiotics which are commonly known as good bacteria. These bacteria in it contain active cultures that help slow down the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities. 

Having healthy gums is vital for not only your oral health but also your overall wellbeing because any gum disease can increase your risk of incurring a range of other health conditions including heart diseases. Just make sure the yogurt you buy has live and active cultures written on its container.

Yogurt Reduces Acid In The Mouth

  • Did you know the harmful bacteria that cause cavities actually depend on the acidic environment in the mouth to thrive? Yogurt can bring your mouth pH levels down to where the environment becomes a lot less hospitable for these bacteria, hence it prevents cavities.

Find a plain and sugar-free one in a departmental store for the best results. Greek yogurt is better than most other types of yogurt in this matter because it has the highest number of probiotics in it. You can add pieces of fruit or honey to sweeten it and make it a treat for your children to eat.

It Freshens Your Breath

  • Many research studies have discovered that eating yogurt regularly significantly reduces bad breath in your mouth by reducing bad breath causing compounds such as hydrogen sulfide. Some studies also suggest that the probiotics found in it also help keep the smelly bacteria away from your mouth.

Yogurt Is Good For Braces

Patients who are using braces to strengthen and align their teeth should eat more yogurt because it is a very braces-friendly good. It is easy to eat and soft in nature and does not require excessive chewing to swallow.

It is also very versatile, meaning that you can combine it with a number of other superfoods to reap even more health benefits.

There is no doubt that yogurt is very important for your oral health. Combined with regular visits to the dentist for routine dental exams, and a healthy diet rich in it, you can keep your teeth healthy and well for a very long time to come. 

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