Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is an irritating mouth condition that is rare but also very difficult to treat. There are many changes you can make to your diet and medication to find relief from the condition. The key is to use a treatment that can target the areas that aggravate the areas in and around the mouth and tongue.

The symptoms of BMS typically involve pain and burning of cheeks, back of your throat, palate, tongue and your gums. Other uncommon symptoms include numbness, bitter or metallic taste, and dry mouth. 

Here are 5 easy ways to treat BMS.

Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

If you experience dry mouth due to BMS, one of our dentists can help you by prescribing a medical toothpaste instead of a typical toothpaste you buy over the counter. The dentist will also advise you to keep yourself well hydrated.

Since alcohol can cause dry mouth and further irritate BMS, you may be asked to give up on alcohol. You will also be advised to reduce juice and soda drinks that have acid in them.

Cutting down on alcohol, juice, and other acidic drinks like coffee will likely reduce the symptoms of BMS associated with a dry mouth.

Hormonal Replacement Therapy for Women

BMS is quite common amongst postmenopausal women. This is due to rapidly changing hormone levels that affect the composition of saliva and your taste buds. The best remedy for BMS due to changing hormones is hormone replacement therapy. 

Talk to your physician and get the necessary test done to find relief from the condition.

Medication is a Cause

Certain prescribed medication can produce side effects that can lead to BMS. Talk to your pharmacist if you suspect that your medication is the root cause of BMS. If a particular medicine is causing BMS, talk to your physician immediately and see if any alternative medicines are available.

Medication-related BMS is more common in the elderly who typically have to regularly take prescribed medications for age-related diseases. 

Talk to a Doctor

If your dentist has tried everything to help you treat BMS and there is nothing more to be done, they may refer you to a doctor for other disorders that can cause BMS such as thyroid conditions, diabetes, mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Make sure to reach out to your dentist and see if any of their advice helps you find relief. If you and your dentist are unable to find a solution, a bigger problem may be the cause. In such cases, only a doctor may be able to help. 

Start Taking Nutritional Supplements

Deficiencies of minerals such as folate, zinc, iron, riboflavin, cobalamin, pyridoxine, and thiamine may cause BMS as well. These deficiencies can lead to vitamin deficiencies and that can lead to anemia.

Since you have to make changes in your diet, it is natural to lose important nutrients. If your diet is causing you to miss out on important nutrients mentioned above, find and use nutritional supplements to fill the gap.


Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is a hard condition to treat. But working closely with your dentist and physician on specific symptoms will help you eventually treat it fully. You have to make sure to take notes and keep a record of the things you have tried in the past.

By trying out different treatments above, you’ll likely find the root cause and then build upon it with your physician and dentist to fully treat the condition. 

Book your appointment today with one of the dentists at Icon Dental Center and let us help you find the best treatment for BMS. 

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