Broken bracket? Poking wire? What to do in 5 easy steps during orthodontic emergencies

Although modern orthodontic appliances are designed for comfort and durability, they are still susceptible to occasional mishaps. Whether you experience a poking wire or encounter a dental injury during sports, taking appropriate steps is crucial for the safety of your treatment. We have outlined the immediate steps to take during an orthodontic emergency.

Stay Calm

  • During orthodontic emergencies, it is crucial to stay calm. By staying calm, you can think more clearly and effectively handle the situation at hand. Remember that most orthodontic issues can be managed with ease, and panicking will only exacerbate the situation.

Take a moment to assess the problem calmly. True orthodontic emergencies are rare, and most issues can be managed at home. Whether it’s a loose bracket, a poking wire, or discomfort from your braces, staying calm will help you determine the right course.

Assess the Situation

Identifying the specific problem enables you to determine the appropriate steps to address it. First, assess the situation to determine the next steps.

  • Is there a loose or damaged brace bracket?
  • Is a wire irritating your cheek?
  • Are you feeling discomfort due to food particles trapped in your appliance?

Remember, severe pain or bleeding should not occur with braces. If you experience such symptoms, it may indicate a more serious issue, such as an injury or dental infection.

Seek Medical Attention for Critical Emergencies

  • If you’re experiencing uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth or suspect a fractured jaw after a facial injury, it’s imperative to go to the emergency room without delay. For oral infection or if a tooth is knocked out, displaced, or fractured, it’s essential to visit your general dentist as soon as possible. Oral infections can exacerbate and spread, necessitating prompt treatment to prevent complications.

Apply Your Braces Wax

  • orthodontic emergenciesA loose or broken bracket on your braces may occasionally irritate your mouth. In such instances, having your braces kit readily available can prove beneficial. The wax acts as a protective barrier between your appliance and the delicate tissues of your mouth.

Moreover, it effectively secures a loose bracket in place, preventing it from shifting along the wire. Before applying wax to a loose bracket, gently maneuver it back into its correct position. If dealing with a poking braces wire, it’s helpful to first carefully push the wire aside and against the nearest tooth using the eraser end of a new pencil or a cotton swab.

Here’s how to use wax for braces:

  • Pull off a small piece of wax.
  • Roll it between your fingers to warm it up and make it more pliable.
  • Flatten the wax against the area of your braces, causing discomfort.
  • Use a clean tissue or piece of gauze to dry the section of braces before applying the wax to enhance the wax’s adhesive properties.

Applying wax to your braces can frequently alleviate discomfort until you’re able to see your orthodontist. However, if a poking braces wire continues to be bothersome despite using wax, you may consider clipping it yourself. Using sterilized nail clippers, carefully trim the wire close to the nearest tooth, then apply braces wax to the clipped end for added comfort.

Contact Your Orthodontist

  • Once you’ve managed to alleviate the immediate discomfort, reach out to your orthodontist. The orthodontist will assess the situation and advise whether you should schedule a repair appointment or if it’s something that can be addressed during your next scheduled visit.

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