If you’re looking for a solution for missing teeth that is the next best thing to real teeth, then dental implants are something you should consider getting today. They are designed from the ground up to look, feel, and function exactly like natural teeth.

Dental implants provide a better long-term value than any other teeth replacement option. Icon Dental Center in Everett and Seattle shares 5 reasons why you should get the treatment today.

Reliable and Long Lasting Solution

  • If you take care of your dental implants as much as you take care of your natural teeth, implants will last as long as any other conventional restorations on teeth with very predictable and good outcomes.

In short, they will stay with you for several years.

They Look Natural and Fit Comfortably

  • Dental implants are designed from the very ground up to look, feel, and function like real teeth. Additionally, they will also boost your smile and you’ll feel confident again. There are no restrictions on eating or engaging in other social activities.

After a dental implant is installed in your mouth, you can live your daily life without worrying about how they will appear or the fear of them dropping unlike dentures and other procedures.

Works Great When Chewing and Eating

  • One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is that they are anchored so tight in your jaw bone that they function like your natural teeth. In fact, over time they also preserve the jaw bone and reduce bone resorption.

Having your missing teeth replaced with a dental implant also allows you to eat and chew food exactly the way you would do with natural teeth. If your missing teeth has impaired your speech, that will also be fixed.

Very High Success Rate

  • The implants have general survival rates that are easily comparable or better than other teeth replacement treatments available through a dentist. If they are taken care of properly, you can be assured that they will provide you a highly successful and long-term solution.

The technology today allows dental implants to look and feel like real teeth. Dentists are able to fit them onto your jaw bone in a way that they mimic the real thing. For more information on whether you are the right candidate for implants, get in touch with Icon Dental Center today by booking an appointment.

You’ll Have Improved Facial and Bone Features

  • These implants help in preserving natural tooth tissue because the treatment does not require the dentist to cut down any adjacent teeth when going for bridgework. They also preserve your jaw bone and reduce bone resorption in the future. 

This prevents the deterioration of the jawbone. Furthermore, your jawbone will also be restored because the load of other oral structures and teeth will be preserved. 

There are several other benefits to opting for dental implants for replacing your missing teeth. However, there are certain pre-requirements that you must pass before becoming eligible for the treatment. Book your appointment today to learn more.

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