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By now, you’ve probably heard news about people making their own braces or 3D printing their own aligners to straighten their teeth at a fraction of the cost. However, contrary to the glimmering pearly whites and the skimping of dentist fees that these product promise to deliver, broken teeth and damaged finances are the only things that these so-called DIY braces and at-home teeth straightening kits are sure to bring about.

But despite the dangers, it is very worrisome that many vloggers continue to attract and command a following that wants to give DIY braces a try, too. Moreover, the advent of cheaper 3D printers has led some entrepreneurs to manufacture DIY braces and market them as safe and more affordable without regard for the terrible consequences.

Dentist-quality teeth care can’t be simply achieved by cutting corners and relying on DIY solutions that are downright dangerous. Here are some of the reasons why DIY braces are bad and why you should leave your braces in the hands of experts.


(1) DIY braces can be painful and sickening

Superglue, dental floss, paper clips, bracelet beads, and orthodontic wax. These are some of the most bizarre and exotic materials that people have tried to use to make these DIY braces. Some of those materials, beads, for instance, may wound the gums and oral mucosa, abrading the enamel of the teeth and leading to bleeding. Additionally, none of those materials are sterile and of medical-grade quality. This means that your teeth and gums are at risk of becoming infected.

Infections can lead to the loss of your teeth, or worse, your face. An oral infection arising from using rubber bands as braces can make your face permanently disfigured. Cases of children having to undergo maxillofacial surgery to have their rubber band braces removed are well-documented. For these children, their faces will never be the same as it was once was.

The substances in these materials may also irritate the oral mucosa and lead to painful, open sores that would make eating a grueling experience. These sores will not heal for as long as these makeshift braces are in your mouth. If left untreated, a gum infection can eventually turn into a life-threatening situation.

Your gums are not the only part of your mouth that can be damaged by DIY braces. Tight DIY braces will make it difficult for blood to flow into and out of your teeth’s roots. When your teeth are deprived of oxygen and minerals, they will eventually rot and fall off.

(2) DIY braces are not effective

Unlike the quick corrections that DIY braces claim that they can offer, braces move teeth into their correct positions over a long period of time. Orthodontists do not merely install braces just right after taking a quick glance at your teeth. Instead, they spend time planning and designing how your braces will look like so that your teeth can be adjusted into the right positions. This way, they will be guaranteed to stay there in their new positions. Even if makeshift or DIY braces are able to move your teeth, it cannot guarantee that the teeth would stay there for long since these kinds of braces were not designed with your teeth and jaws in mind.


(3) DIY braces have unforeseen effects

Orthodontists are very well aware of how braces can affect your entire mouth. Only they have the training to make sure that your braces will not have unintended effects. When you try straightening your teeth with DIY braces, you often do not realize that the other teeth which you do not want to be moved can be shifted out of place. Subsequently, the bite formed by your upper and lower jaws will be affected, hindering your ability to chew your food properly. The dislodgment of teeth and jaws could also develop into a serious speech problem such as a lisp. Another speech problem that DIY problems can lead to is apraxia of speech where the words you want to say in your head comes out improperly by your mouth, making it more difficult to talk properly.

(4) DIY braces can lead to depression

Distorted speech and a damaged smile can prove to be emotionally devastating. People judge you by the way you look, and with your teeth gone, your body image goes down the dump as well. Because of your failed DIY braces, you may have to say goodbye to that job interview or the chances your crush will respond to your feelings. Regrets will also set in, followed by sleeplessness and self-pity, and you will begin to withdraw from the world. All of these do not yet include the physical pain that those makeshift braces will set upon you and the mental pain from the ensuing financial problems that you will experience to deal with the consequences. These can deliver a powerful blow enough to knock you into having a depression. Your mental and emotional health is too much at stake for you to have DIY braces.


(5) DIY braces are expensive in the long run

Lastly, the costs you think you will save from DIY braces is nothing compared to the mountain of expenses that you will incur to repair the damages that they will cause. You might end up having to undergo costly teeth implants or getting complex dentures that you would have to do several times for the rest of your life. The infections stemming from makeshift braces would need to be addressed by surgery and medicine intake.

Let us face it: a beautiful and straight smile comes with a price. Thus, even if you think you might have saved money from using DIY braces, it is only a matter of time before you realize that it was an expensive mistake. You’re better off saving money for safer and more effective braces designed by professionals and having your braces done right the first time around.


Nothing beats your dentist better

The consequences of makeshift braces are so staggering that it would be wise not to try and alter your own smile at home. Your kids should also know how dangerous it is for them to tinker around with their teeth by themselves. Set an appointment with a professional dentist to ensure that you straighten in your teeth in the safest and most effective manner.

The best way to preserve your pearly whites is to go to the dentist every six months to check for any potential issues that may be developing. Icon Dental Center is a dental office in Seattle, if you’re looking for a new local dentist in Seattle, come to visit us today!

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