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Every dentist suggests that their patient floss every time they see each other, but not many patients follow that advice because they believe that it’s not necessary. In this article, we’ll debunk all the myths surrounding flossing so that you see the importance of flossing and why you should do it every day. With that said, let’s get into it.

“Only floss when you have food stuck between your teeth.”

Many people don’t floss after a meal because they think that it’s only necessary when there are visible food particles stuck in between the teeth. This is not true, as there are still food particles in your tooth gaps, even if they’re not visible. If you neglect flossing, these particles can become a plaque buildup, which will result in the development of a cavity in between your teeth.

“Flossing is too hard to do.”

Flossing doesn’t have to be that difficult, and it doesn’t take any more than five minutes to get all of your teeth cleaned up. You start by pulling out about 8 inches worth of floss, tie each end around your index fingers, pull it tight, then push the floss into the gap of your teeth. If this is too difficult, you can use a flossing stick to make everything a lot easier.

“Flossing is painful.”

If flossing is painful for you, it may be because you’re not doing it gently. Flossing shouldn’t be painful at all when you do it correctly, as you should be gentle to make sure that you don’t cut your gums. If you’re still experiencing pain even when you floss correctly, you may want to discuss it with your dentist.

“Stop flossing if your gum is bleeding.”

It’s normal to see bleeding gums when you floss, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a cause for concern. For one, it may be the result of your harsh flossing, or it may be a sign that you’re not consuming enough vitamin C. If there’s only a slight tinge of pink on your floss, it’s usually not something you should be worried about. However, if your gum starts bleeding heavily, you will want to call your dentist immediately, as it may be a sign of gum diseases.

“Flossing will make your gum recedes faster.”

Receding gums usually occurs in the font of the teeth, and it’s usually caused by rough brushing. Unless you’re pulling the floss back and forth in between your gum and not on the side of your teeth, there shouldn’t be any issue with receding gums.

“Your teeth are too tight to floss.”

Nobody’s teeth are fitted too tightly that there’s not enough space for the flossing thread to get through, because if they are, then you have another issue on your hand. In case you’re having trouble getting the floss in between your teeth, you should use the same hand technique as normal flossing, but you will want to pull the floss down while wiggling it until the floss thread gets down in between the tooth gap.

“You shouldn’t floss when you’re wearing braces.”

Correction: you MUST floss more if you have braces, as the food particles are often stuck on the braces, which will create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and plaque buildup. The longer you go without flossing your braces, the more exposed you are to cavities. If you’re not sure how to floss your braces, make sure to discuss with your dentist or orthodontist. They are the best people to learn from on how to floss correctly.

“Flossing can cause your filling to come loose.”

The dental filling is done on the top of the dental crown, but flossing is done on the side of it. Therefore, there’s no reason as to why flossing should cause your dental filling to come loose if you do it correctly. If you feel as if the filling is shifting around on the crown as you floss, it may be a sign that you should have your dentist inspect the filling for you.

“Flossing is bad for your teeth.”

Whoever tells you that flossing is bad for your dental health surely isn’t qualified to tell you what’s the right thing to do. Who are you going to trust? A dentist who has spent years of their life learning about oral health and dental procedures or a conspiracy theorist who doesn’t have any substantial evidence to back his claim up?

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