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Dental implants are a viable solution to many different dental issues, from tooth loss to tooth decay. They can ensure that your tooth replacement is placed securely in your jawline and that you can use it to smile and chew just you would with your natural tooth. If you don’t believe that dental implants are the best solution for your dental issues even if it’s what your dentist recommends, here are six reasons why you should think otherwise:

They look like natural teeth

You don’t have to worry about your smile being ruined, as a dental implant looks almost exactly the same as a natural tooth in every way. If you’re not expecting anybody to ask you to open your mouth so that they can check your teeth, then you don’t have to worry about the look of your smile.

They function like teeth

You can chew just about any type of food with an implant, and your speech won’t be affected in the slightest. They are just as durable as regular teeth, and won’t hinder your ability to enjoy your daily life in any way.

They are durable

Dental implants often seem incredibly expensive, seeing as you have to pay upfront, but when you consider the fact that they will stay with you forever, the cost seems much more worth it. The implants are made from titanium and other biocompatible materials, and they are installed right into your jawbone, meaning that it won’t jiggle or wobble around when you touch it.

They help prevent bone loss

When a tooth is missing from a socket, it can cause the jaw to lose some of its mass, and this can become a problem as you age. As you grow older, your bone will deteriorate at a much faster pace, and it will become even worse if there’s a gap in your jawline. When your jaw bone is thinned down, it will lose some of its structural integrity, causing it to be susceptible to breaking and shattering. Other tooth replacement options such as dental bridge and dentures can rub against the bone structure which can make the condition even worse. With a dental implant, the titanium root is drilled right into the jaw, and this will help to keep the structure of the jaw bone intact.

They help prevent jaw issues

Each of the teeth in your mouth rests against each other, and that’s what makes them fit. If one tooth is missing, then the adjacent teeth will have nothing to lean on. This, in turn, will cause the overall structure to become weakened. Your jaw could be at risk of collapsing, and that’s a massive issue that you never want to deal with.

They help improve your facial skin

Your jaw structure has a direct effect on the face skin condition, and when your jaw bone is weakened, your skin won’t a strong structure to hold on to, and the skin around your jaw and cheek will start to sag. The dental implant will help to secure the jaw, slowing down the aging process of the skin. This is an added benefit that will surely benefit your dental health and your confidence.

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2 thoughts on “6 Great Benefits of Dental Implants”

  1. The best part of your blog for me is when you said that you won’t have to worry about the look of your smile when you consider dental implants because they look almost exactly the natural teeth. I will take note of this because I want to restore my beautiful smile by replacing my three missing front teeth that were damaged when I had a car accident two months ago. My goal is to ensure that people won’t notice that my replacement teeth are not real, so your tips are helpful.

  2. Crikey! I feel so bad for my cousin whose lower teeth have gone missing due to a minor bike accident last week. I think his best option now is to consult a dentist to determine what kind of treatment he should receive. BTW, your in-depth explanation regarding the durability of dental implants simply can’t be denied.


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