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Losing a tooth can be a much more concerning issue than you’d think. Obviously, when you’re missing a tooth, your look and appearance are affected, seeing as you will have a huge gap in your smile where a tooth is supposed to be. Another problem when you’re missing a tooth is that it could put your dental health at massive risk. Your teeth are structured in a way that ensures that an equal amount of force is on each tooth, and that pressure allows your teeth to stay in the correct position. When you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth will be pushed to lean into the tooth gap, putting the overall structure of the teeth at risk of collapse. Losing a tooth can also make you lose your appetite, as it can be quite difficult to chew food. This can cause your quality of life to go down. The combination of these reasons is why you need to take care of this problem as soon as it occurs.


What are dentures?

Dentures are essentially prosthetic teeth that you can wear to replace the missing teeth in your mouth. They have a similar function, look, and appearance as natural teeth, and they are typically locked in place by a plastic or metal plate. Much like prosthetic limbs, dentures have to be measured and recreated to replicate the shape, size, and color of your original tooth to make it look as real as possible. For those with multiple missing teeth, there are full-row dentures that you can wear as a complete set of teeth. There are both fixed and removable types of dentures which allow you to have more control over the type of treatment you want to receive.


What are the benefits of dentures?


// To restore the function of your teeth

Your teeth do more for you than you’d think, and you will realize this when you lose a tooth. By getting a denture, you can enjoy the benefits of having all of your teeth. This will allow you to live your life the way you used to before you lost that tooth. You can eat anything you want like you would with your natural teeth — no more restricting diets!


// To reduce the risk of infection

When the tooth comes off, the opening in the gum where the tooth was supposed to be will be highly susceptible to infection. A set of dentures can plug up those openings and make sure that no pathogens get into your gums.


// To help with your speech

A missing tooth can cause difficulty in speaking and enunciation, and that may have a negative effect on how others perceive you. With a denture, you can speak confidently and correctly. This will, in turn, help to bring your self-esteem back.


// To bring back your beautiful smile

Having a gap in your smile is not a good look, and a denture treatment can fix that problem for you. The denture will look exactly like your original tooth, and there’s no way that anybody can tell it apart at a glance.


// To improve your confidence

When you’re more confident in yourself, you will be more willing to engage in other activities and talk to more people. This will open up more doors for future relationships that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


// To last long

Dentures can last up to a decade with proper maintenance before they need to be replaced. The treatment is a long-term investment that is worth every dollar spent.

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2 thoughts on “The Benefits of Denture Treatment”

  1. The best part of your blog for me was when you said that dentures can rid of the gap in your smile and make you look better. My mother should take note of this tip because she lost her teeth when she had an auto accident three months ago. She wants to restore her smile and have the confidence to speak again, so it will be ideal for her to think about the benefits of full dentures.

  2. My mother-in-law has been complaining about her aching gum ever since she lost her tooth last week. I owe you big time for explaining just how functional dentures are in preventing oral infection. Hence, I must bring her to see a dentist immediately.


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