No one likes having to go to the dentist. Even adults have trouble going to the dentist – how much worse is it going to be for a nervous child? Having to deal a young kid in the dental chair can be quite challenging. Going to the dentist isn’t always a comfortable or fun experience. Adults know why they don’t like the dentist. Many are nervous about their appointments and the procedures and tools that come with it. They are also often nervous about what the doctor might say after a short examination. If you tell an adult that this procedure will improve their oral health better, they will most likely be able to endure it and find that it isn’t as bad as they thought. With children, however, things are a little bit different. Here’s how you can comfort kids visiting your dental office:


Be Friendly

Try to make sure the child knows and really feels that you and all of your staff are very friendly and fun. Make an effort to become friends with the child, so they feel natural around you. Be affable and fun. You don’t want the child to walk into the office feeling like it’s a scary place. This will induce feelings of nervousness every time they have to come back. Make things fun by striking up a conversation and playing with them. Be positive and start their dental experience off as a happy memory.


Be Patient and Supportive

Offer your direct support to the child and tell them to let you know if they are intimidated by anything. Let their parents be physically close so that the child is comfortable. They might want to stay on their parent’s lap or cuddle before their appointment. Parents should ensure that they are there to support their little ones and stay close by if they need them. The child may be scared or nervous, which is nothing to be ashamed of. Parents and dentists alike should be understanding and show the child that they are always there for them.


Be Upfront

You can’t just tell your kid that you’re going to a theme park and take them to the dentist. Make sure parents know not to do this. This will only make the dentist seem like a scary place, and it may just traumatize them and make them kick and scream every time they have to come back. When the child comes in for their first appointment, you will want to explain what will happen in a simple and non-intimidating way. Even if there is a little bit of pain, try to stay positive and use the least intimidating words you can when explaining the procedures.


Arrive Before Your Appointment Time

Arriving early will give your child a chance to get comfortable with the dentist’s office. Sit down and talk with your child about what will be happening. Let them look around and meet the friendly staff members. With a little time to adjust, they might be a little more comfortable.


Start Them Young

When your child is younger, they are more likely to come around. This way, by the time they are grown up and become harder to convince or talk to, they will have already be used to these procedures. When they’ve already been to the dentist multiple times, they will be used to it so you won’t need to deal with a large kicking and screaming toddler. Start them out young so that they will see a visit to the dentist as less of a traumatic experience.

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