Here is the list of 5 valid advantages of dental filling as told by a dentist near you

Teeth are susceptible to damage caused by wear and tear, injury, decay, and cavities. Just as different methods are used to treat different types of dental problems, dental fillings are used to fill up holes created by cavities in the teeth. It is the most common procedure carried out by dentists all over the world. The process involves the removal of the decayed part of the tooth, the space thereby is filled with a filling material. Dental fillings are becoming increasingly popular due to ease of performance and benefits over other methods. A few of the advantages are discussed in this article.

Offer Protection From Decay

  • Cavities develop big enough holes that can trap food particles. Over time, this may lead to the growth of bacteria, tooth decay, and pain. Decayed teeth are prone to further damage if left untreated. Dental fillings, therefore, protect the damaged teeth from additional decay. Moreover, dental fillings help eliminate pain and discomfort caused by the cavities. These holes or cavities can be sealed with a filling material that stops the damage.

Regardless of the type of filling material used, the filling can restore the function and aesthetic of the tooth. Filling material that is optimal for the patient is used during the process. Addressing tooth decay effectively helps preserve the integrity of teeth and gums.

Fillings Can Last For Decades

  • Depending on the filling material used, tooth fillings can last for a very long time. Fillings such as cast gold and porcelain can last up to 15 years or longer. Present-day fillings are highly effective and resistant to corrosion.

Although they cost a pretty penny, such fillings last for decades or longer. Fillings can protect your teeth from damage for an extensive period hence providing you with tranquility and confidence.

Put A Stop To Cavity Growth

  • During the process of filling, the dentist tidies up the decayed portion of the teeth. Optimal filling materials are then poured into the cavity, thus sealing the hole and preventing it from growing any further. Fillings not only stop the cavity from growing but also protects the nerve endings located in the dentine.

This reduces the discomforting sensation caused by exposure to temperatures, hot and cold foods, and acids that are created by bacteria that feed on the remains of food in the mouth. If cavities are left unfilled, the nerve endings become tender and lead to toothaches.

Improves The Structure And Strength Of Teeth

  • advantages of dental fillingsCorroded teeth become hollow and give an unpleasant look. Fillings improve the structure of the teeth by giving them the needed support. Dental fillings are an invasive procedure that poses no threat or damage to the teeth. As we age teeth turn weaker and become liable to chipping and fractures. However, fillings can be a solution for a fractured tooth.

The risk of tooth fractures increases as a result of injury, accident, or oral trauma resulting from sports or other such activities. Chewing on ice, bone or other hard things can also break a weak tooth. A white composite filling is often used for repairing fractured teeth.

Fillings Can Release Fluoride From Tooth

  • Accumulation of excess fluoride in teeth can result in dental fluorosis. Tooth fillings have an additional advantage of releasing fluoride from the tooth in question. This further protects the tooth from decay and damage, especially when the decay is below the gum line. Glass ionomer fillings are used for this purpose. The process is also used in pediatric patients.

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