Halloween Candy and Dental Cavities

halloween candy and dental cavities what to know

Halloween candy and dental cavities – how to stay healthy this Halloween America welcomes fall and October by lighting bonfires, donning costumes, throwing parties, and trick-or-treating. Yes, we are talking about the festive Halloween season. Candy is an integral part of Halloween and kids and adults enjoy it alike. Candy is delicious, gives instant sugar … Read more

A Dentist’s Guide to Routine Dental Cleaning

benefits of routine dental cleaning

Teeth are precious and require constant care and monitoring. By taking certain preventive measures, you can save your teeth and gums from getting infected. Routine dental cleanings are an important part of preventive dentistry and are practiced by health-conscious patients all across the world. Routine dental cleanings help in the timely detection and removal of … Read more

5 Honest Truths about Braces

Truths about Braces

Discover The Insider Truths About Braces Modern braces are compact, minimalist, and even invisible. Dental procedures have evolved to offer safer, faster, and better results, compared to just a few years ago. Braces no longer interfere with your daily life and a patient can expect to see results in just a few months.  Despite all … Read more