Read here the benefits of crown lengthening and improve your smile

Crown lengthening is a dental procedure that offers several diverse benefits to patients. Crown lengthening can be done for both medical and aesthetic reasons. Regardless of the reason, crown lengthening has significant advantages. Let’s have a look at some of them.

What Is Crown Lengthening?

  • In the crown lengthening procedure, the position of the gum around a tooth is surgically adjusted to expose more of the crown. Crown lengthening becomes necessary when decay occurs below the gum line or in case of insufficient crown height.

Alternatively, crown lengthening is done for aesthetic reasons when teeth appear too short. In some instances, crown lengthening is performed to provide more tooth structure to accommodate restoration procedures such as crown or bridge.

Benefits Of Crown Lengthening

  • The most significant advantages of the crown lengthening procedure are listed below:

Boosts Self-Confidence

  • Crown lengthening is beneficial for patients who have a gummy smile. These individuals have more gum tissues surrounding the teeth, especially in the upper jaw. Since the upper half of the teeth is obscured by gum and bone tissue, the teeth appear shorter. This affects self-esteem and makes a person self-conscious thus preventing them from smiling freely.

Crown lengthening plays a huge role in boosting an individual’s self-confidence. This is especially true when crown lengthening is done for cosmetic reasons. In this procedure, excess periodontal tissue is removed from around one or more teeth. This prevents the teeth from appearing too short and makes your smile less gummy.

It Can Be Performed In One Session

  • Most dental procedures require patients to come back for other sessions. This can be time-consuming and pose financial strains for many patients. In addition, it becomes inconvenient and stressful to get multiple sessions for one reason.

However, crown lengthening is the simplest procedure that can be completed in a single session. It usually takes one treatment to address the problem. Once it’s done, patients are not required to return for the same treatment again.

It Does Not Require Touch-Ups

  • Some dental procedures require patients to go back for touch-ups after a certain period. Sometimes patients are supposed to do the touch-ups by themselves. However, crown lengthening is not one of those treatments. It does not require any touch-ups and or special aftercare.

Supports Safe Tooth Extraction

  • Crown lengthening can also be done before tooth extractions. Sometimes excess periodontal tissue around the teeth needs to be removed for a safe, fast, and easy extraction process.

Makes A Smile More Symmetrical

  • One of the biggest reasons for crown lengthening is a cosmetic concern. Crown lengthening is an easy solution to improve the symmetry of a smile. It enables patients to have a more symmetrical and beautiful smile.

Improved Oral Health

  • benefits of crown lengtheningOral health problems such as tooth decay are more likely to occur when too much gum tissue is covering up your tooth. It becomes difficult to brush these areas and keep them free of bacteria. Bacteria begin to harbor and as a result tooth decay and other oral health issues arise. If you are having the crown lengthening procedure done for health reasons, it will likely improve your oral health.

Crown lengthening will improve the problems of poor gums and overall oral health. In addition, crown lengthening is a quick procedure that takes only up to 60 minutes. Patients can come and go in less than two hours.

If you have an uneven gum line or too much gum tissue, you can benefit from a crown lengthening procedure. Do not let the problem grow. Get in touch with Icon Dental Center today. Our experienced dentists offer the best crown-lengthening services. To book your appointments, call us at 206-225-2882 for Seattle and 425-337-2400 for the Everett appointment.

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