Here are some dental problems that require immediate tooth extraction

Tooth decay, gum disease, and trauma are some of the dental issues that require prompt attention. Sometimes extraction is the only solution. Tooth extraction may be an undesirable procedure but it is necessary for maintaining optimal dental health. Learn here the issues in which tooth extraction becomes necessary.

Reasons For Immediate Tooth Extraction

Dental surgeons recommend tooth extraction when:

  • The teeth are compromised beyond repair
  • There is severe overcrowding of the teeth

However, tooth extraction can be performed for different reasons. We have discussed five common dental issues that require tooth extraction.

Disease Of The Gum

  • Untreated gum disease can cause severe destruction leading to tooth loss. As the gum disease advances it causes damage to the gum tissue, ligaments, and the bone that provide support to the teeth. When these supporting structures begin to deteriorate, the teeth become loose. Ultimately the gum disease progresses to a stage where teeth begin to fall out or require extraction.

Tooth Decay

  • The most common reason for tooth extraction is tooth decay. Tooth extraction becomes inevitable when the patients avoid seeing the dentist or ignore tooth cleaning for years. It takes several years for dental issues to progress to the point of tooth extraction.

Tooth enamel is first affected by decay. As the decay progresses it reaches the dentin and causes it to deteriorate. The decay forms a hole through the center of the tooth and causes irreversible damage.

Bacterial Infection

  • Over time, the bacteria reaches the pulp of the tooth, leading to root canal infection. The infection becomes more extensive when the treatment is delayed. Eventually, the decay becomes so severe that the surgeon recommends extraction. Tooth extraction is followed by tooth restoration treatment.

Therefore, it is essential to have dental exams and cleanings every six months. In this way, minor problems like cavities can be detected and treated before they transform into serious issues.

Impacted Teeth

  • A tooth that only partially erupts or does not erupts beyond the tooth line is referred to as an impacted tooth. There are multiple causes of tooth impaction, overcrowding being the most common. Other causes of tooth impaction include a tooth that is twisted or tilted at odd angles or the tooth that come in displaced.

Usually, the wisdom teeth are impacted. This happens because the jaw is not large enough to accommodate the wisdom teeth. To fix the issue wisdom teeth removal and tooth extraction are performed on impacted teeth.

Overcrowded Teeth

  • immediate tooth extractionSometimes tooth extraction is a part of a patient’s orthodontic plan. This is especially true in cases where a patient’s teeth are severely overcrowded. Overcrowding causes the otherwise well-aligned teeth to become crooked. So the orthodontist may recommend extraction or removal of permanent teeth.

This helps create more space for the remaining teeth thereby allowing them to be pulled into alignment. This procedure is most commonly performed in children and teenagers. Tooth extraction in case of overcrowding preserves the straight smile without the need for braces.


  • Teeth are often severely affected in an accident. Most of the time, the damage is too severe and the teeth cannot be saved. When this is the case, teeth are extracted as an essential part of the recovery process.

Tooth extraction can save the damaged tooth from becoming severely infected. Sometimes a tooth breaks near the gum line. The leftover tooth structure may not be enough to attach a dental crown for tooth restoration. In cases like these, tooth extraction is needed.

Immediate Tooth extraction does not have to be painful and uncomfortable. Our experienced dentists at Icon Dental Center offer the best tooth extraction services. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment. Call us at 206-225-2882 for a free consultation from qualified orthodontist in Seattle and 425-337-2400 for best orthodontics in Everett.

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