Learn here how to keep away from teeth diseases this summer with these 5 tips

Most people enjoy summer to the fullest by exploring new places, going to parties, and consuming a lot of food and drink. Summer vacations often include going to the beach, amusement parks, foreign countries, and every other place loaded with food. It can also look like having a break from work and school with no regular routine. This change in lifestyle can often lead to our teeth developing diseases. It is important that you keep your teeth clean and healthy, especially in summers.

The Most Common Dental Issues In Summer

  • Some of the most common dental issues in summer come from summer-related activities and foods. Many people visit swimming pools in the summer or take up swimming as a hobby. Chlorine in the pools can often lead to increased tooth erosion. Soft drinks, advertised to cool you down on a hot day, are the main contributor to dental issues. Sugary foods and drinks are very common in the summer alongside ice lollies, snow cones, and slush drinks.

A lack of routine often leads kids, teenagers, and adults to miss brushing their teeth which contributes to bad oral hygiene. Therefore dental erosions, cavities, gum disease, teeth discoloration, and much more are very common in the summer.

Important Practices To Keep Teeth Healthy In The Summer

Some of the most important practices that you need to incorporate into your summer dental routine are as follows:

Avoid Excessive Intake of Sugary Foods And Beverages

  • Sugary foods and beverages lead to erosion of the tooth’s enamel and are the leading cause of cavities. It causes the growth of bacteria in the mouth and generally weakens your teeth over time. Consuming candies or thick sugary liquids is worse as it gets stuck between the teeth and are harder to clean.

Brush And Floss Your Teeth Regularly

  • Having a proper dental routine is important to keep your teeth healthy and disease-free in the summer. You need to brush and floss your teeth regularly so that they do not decay and you do not develop issues like bad breath or discolored teeth.

Keep Your Lips Protected From The Sun

  • Our lips are exposed to the sun and can sustain significant sun damage if not protected. Damaged lips may become dry and painful which can cause people to abandon their dental hygiene. It is important that you use SPF chapstick or gloss to protect the lips from the sun. This can also reduce the chances of developing oral cancer as well.

Drink Enough Water Everyday

  • teeth diseasesDrinking water is very important to maintain good oral hygiene. Water helps wash away any food particles that remain in our mouths after eating. This is especially important when keeping the teeth and tongue safe from bacteria. It can also reduce the chances of bad breath and lip dryness around the mouth.

Visit Your Dentist For A Check-Up

  • Lastly, paying your dentist a visit is very important. If you plan on going for a vacation, visit the dentist before you leave. This will help you understand what you may need to refrain from or be mindful of during your trip. You can also consult one when you come back to see if any serious damage was done.

At Icon Dental Center, we provide you and your children with the best dental healthcare in Everett and Seattle. We offer the best routine exam and cleaning services that help you maintain good dental hygiene. For a consultation or a booking, call us at 206-225-2882 for Seattle and 425-337-2400 for Everett.

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