Everyone’s skin eventually wrinkles and their hair eventually turns grey, but one thing that most people wish to keep forever is their teeth. Unfortunately, that is impossible. Although your teeth are strong and can be used to bite into apples or open a bottle of beer, they are also prone to injury. Seeing as you only have one permanent set to enjoy, you have to make sure that you keep them in the best condition possible.

If you happen to have lost a few, however, getting dentures is an excellent idea. Dentures are not only a solution in terms of appearance, but they also make it possible for you to enjoy your favorite dishes whenever you want.

When the word “dentures” comes to mind, most people think about traditional false teeth, rather than the implant-retained ones. Traditional dentures have a gum-colored base. The teeth part of the contraption is usually made of either porcelain or an acrylic resin. You are able to remove and wear the dentures whenever and wherever you want.

To take care of the set, you are expected to clean them thoroughly every day. If they fit perfectly in your mouth, you can smile and eat without any problems. However, some people experience pain and a poor fit as a result of gum-related issues. This may require them to get a new set of false teeth. If you get implant-retained dentures, however, there is no need to worry about this problem.

Seeing as this type of denture is not as widespread, you may not know as much as you should about it. Here are a few commonly asked questions that you may be wondering too:

What exactly are implant-retained dentures?

In terms of physical appearance, implant-retained dentures are almost identical to traditional ones. The major difference between these two is that implant-retained dentures are permanently affixed in your mouth. You cannot remove it as you can with regular false teeth. Before you get a set, you will need to visit the dentist to have implants put into your jaw. After you go through surgery for implants, the dentist will attach your permanent teeth to them. This is where the dentures get their support from.

Are implant-retained dentures dangerous?

The simple answer is no. Although any type of dental surgery comes with a certain level of risk, there is nothing dangerous or scary about having implant-retained dentures put in. Before your dentist implants your dentures, they will assess your jaw condition and the condition of your gums. If things are not as they should be, your dentist will advise against inserting implants for your own safety.

There is no need to worry about dentures slipping out of your mouth while you are laughing with friends. Implant-retained dentures are tightly screwed onto the implants and will never come out. You can enjoy all the popcorn and gum that your heart desires. As long as you are not biting hard bones or rocks, these implant-retained dentures provide a bite force for all foods! No one will be able to tell the difference between this set and your normal set before!

Are implant-retained dentures suitable with me?

Remember – traditional and implant-retained dentures are completely different. If you’ve had a bad experience with regular false teeth, don’t assume that implants will be just as bad. It is best that you consult your dentist before making a decision. Although your jawbone may have deteriorated, your dentist can fix that problem so that you can have implant-retained dentures put in. One thing to remember is that the treatment can be rather pricey. If you can afford it, however, it is a fantastic investment that will bring back your beautiful smile and help you enjoy eating again.

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