When it comes to pain, they say that nothing is quite as bad as a toothache. When it strikes, it will feel like the worst pain you’ve ever felt, short of giving birth. You’ll end up curled up in your bed just waiting for the minutes to tick by so you can take another pill for the pain.

So how can you tell a normal toothache from what that you should be worried about? This knowledge should not be taken for granted unless you want your untreated toothache to leave you with bigger oral problems in the future. This is because the parts of your body are interconnected, making it quite difficult to determine the underlying cause behind the pain. Who knows? Perhaps you have already dental health problems that go beyond mere toothache. It’s best that you visit your dentist so that they can address the issue before it gets worse.

With that being said, when do you actually need to see a dentist for emergency dental care? Here are some indications that you need to be wary of:

Loose Teeth and Infections

It’s expected that when you become an adult, your teeth will have already grown into sturdy tools used to speak and eat. Loose or wiggling teeth can have deeper implications. For one, it can indicate a tooth injury, manifesting as a result of extreme sports activity or from a vehicular accident. The problem is that such a thing can be extremely painful. It’s crucial to seek dental attention as soon as possible. Who knows? Your teeth may appear to be in good condition, but there’s a possibility of a nerve or jaw damage. Another possibility is a symptom infection such as gum disease. It’s imperative to have dental treatment done before the problem worsens.

Bleeding and Aching Gums

If your gums are bleeding and sensitive, it can point to early signs of gum diseases or gingivitis. Recurring, excessive bleeding can be pretty alarming. There may be a deeper implication of these conditions, especially if you make a point of maintaining good oral hygiene, only for the oral situation to continue to persist. Having said that, you need to see a dentist for professional care to determine what’s happening to your oral structure. Your dentist will be able to address your oral problem and determine the best course of action to take. The treatment for periodontal disease will depend entirely on what stage you’re at.

Severe Toothaches

Finally, the severity of your toothache tells you that there’s no course of action other than visiting a dentist. If you have a toothache, pain-relieving medications may alleviate your situation momentarily. If the problem is recurring, however, chances are you need to have your tooth checked for repair. If treatment is not possible, it ought to be extracted for good. The situation is not that alarming and a simple tooth extraction is all you need. In some cases, however, your condition may require you to get oral surgery. That said, proper diagnosis is crucial, and dental treatment may vary. There’s no other best option than to visit your dentist and have a proper dental check-up.

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