Leran some fun facts about dental fillings and cavities

When it comes to dental fillings and cavities, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding them. People develop dental anxiety when they do not know the facts behind dental procedures and diseases. There are many advantages of dental fillings and they can save your teeth from being lost. Hence, knowing important facts will help you combat dental anxiety.

Unknown Fun Facts About Dental Fillings and Cavities

Some exciting and unknown facts about dental fillings and cavities are as follows:

Dental Fillings Are The Oldest Form Of Dentistry

  • The oldest dental filling discovered is 6500 years old. It was found in Italy and was made from beeswax. The practice of dental fillings has been going on since ancient history and has developed into the complex procedure that we know today. Modern dental filling methods are only around 150 years old.

Cavities Can Form in Infants As Well

  • Children as young as one year old can start developing cavities due to bacteria that cause plaque in the teeth. Since the teeth are newly growing, untreated cavities can cause pain and dental development issues in the child.

The Common Dental Fillings Are Amalgam Ones

  • Amalgam fillings have been the most common type of dental filling for decades. In earlier years, the options of colors were attractive to most people. They are also the most affordable type of filling that is made with many different metals.

The Most Popular Fillings Are Tooth-colored Composites

  • With trends that emphasize aesthetic perfection, tooth-colored composites have become a popular choice of filling. This is because they make the smile look natural and blend in with the rest of the teeth. It is not easy to tell if these fillings are fillings or the tooth surface itself.

Fillings Can Last Up To 15 Years or Longer

  • Fillings are very durable procedures that can last up to 15 years if taken care of. They can withstand bite forces, chewing, and grinding of teeth. Amalgam fillings are harder and last twice as much as composite fillings that only last 7 years at max.

Decay Can Continue Under A Filling

  • Many people think that once a filling has been done, the tooth is safe from further decay. However, this is not the case. The areas of the tooth around and under the filling can continue to decay if proper dental hygiene is not maintained.

Dental Fillings Save Money In The Long Run

  • It is better to have dental fillings done as soon as possible. They stop tooth decay in time and prevent the patient from getting their tooth removed or extensive surgery. The more extensive the tooth repair the more expensive the procedure will be.

On Average One In Four Adults In America Has a Cavity

  • Due to the growing western diet, cavities have become very common in the United States of America. Cavities can form on permanent and baby teeth, hence they are common for children as well.

The Main Cause Of Cavities Is Sugary Foods

  • fun facts about dental fillingsHigh sugar intake is the main cause of cavities as plaque on the teeth turns carbs into acids that cause cavities. Therefore, the most important thing to do is to make sure you brush your teeth and floss after every meal.

There Are Many Different Signs of Cavities

  • Many people associate cavities with a toothache, however, there are many signs to show that cavities are developing in your teeth. These signs include sensitivity, pain in chewing, sharp pain when eating hot and cold foods.

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