There are a few different types of people who can benefit from sedation dentistry from a dental office serving the Silver Lake area of Everett, WA, and dental surgeons can use this style of dentistry to help the same person in a variety of ways. This route tends to be particularly effective for those who experience anxiety when they visit the dentist, but it can be just as practical for people who need to undergo several treatments in one sitting. Sedation dentistry can even be great for sensitive gag reflexes. Continue on to find out exactly how sedation dentistry can help you.

Relieve Your Anxiety

Anxiety can play a sinister role in life, especially if you suffer from an anxiety disorder. However, sedation dentistry can help you calm your nerves so that you can stay comfortable while in the dental office. If anxiety keeps you from setting up or keeping appointments with your dental care provider, your oral health will suffer. This can take away from your appearance and even impact your overall quality of life. Sedation dentistry helps people with this problem get the care and attention they deserve so they can enjoy quality oral health.

Fit In Multiple Treatments

Everyone has responsibilities, and this can make it difficult to find time to visit your dentist. If this is the case, you may be inclined to undergo multiple treatments at one time. This can be a difficult feat even for the most patient and calm people, but sedation dentistry makes it completely doable. Your oral surgeon will ensure that you are kept at the most comfortable level of sedation throughout the entirety of your procedures, and you will likely find that the time passed much faster than you expected.

Work Around Your Gag Reflex

A sensitive gag reflex can make a trip to the dentist uncomfortable; this is especially true if you already feel anxious. With sedation dentistry, however, your gag reflex will not be a problem. By eliminating this issue, your dentist can perform dental cleanings and screenings as well as procedures like root canals and dental implants without anyone worrying about your gag reflex.

Dr. Valentine Discusses Sedation Options & How They Work.

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