Invisalign near Mukilteo and Mill Creek, WA is an orthodontic option for teens as well as adults. As seen in the video, teens can become easily embarrassed when confronted with a cosmetic issue in their smile. They may refrain from smiling and talking, which can take a toll on their academic and social lives as well as their self-esteem. With Invisalign, however, teens can have straighter teeth in a matter of months and be free of embarrassment.

By using Invisalign for teens, teenagers can continue eating and smiling the way they always have. Invisalign utilizes removable, plastic aligners that shift the teeth over a period of months. Teens can remove these aligners as they eat, drink, and care for their teeth, which will help maintain their dental care and health for the duration of their Invisalign procedure. Teens can also smile confidently as their teeth straighten with Invisalign aligners.

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