PeriodonticsYour periodontist is specially trained in gum tissue and the problems that can affect it. Though your dentist will check your gums at your next dental checkup in Mukilteo and Mill Creek, WA, you should schedule an appointment with a periodontist if you ever have any of these signs and symptoms:

Unusual Bleeding

If your gums and teeth are normally healthy, but you have experienced recent bleeding while eating or brushing your teeth, then you may wish to see your periodontist soon. Unusual bleeding can be a symptom of a periodontal infection. If this is left untreated, you could experience a more serious infection or periodontal issue.

Regular Bleeding

In the event your gums regularly bleed—especially when brushing—then you should see your periodontist or schedule a dental checkup right away. Regular bleeding is one of the first symptoms of gingivitis, which is the only reversible stage of gum disease. See your periodontist soon to officially diagnose the bleeding and give you treatment options.

Bad Breath

When your breath seems to smell bad all the time, then you may have a periodontal issue. Constant bad breath can be a symptom of gingivitis or a gum infection, and either condition can be effectively treated by a periodontist.

Gum Recession

When your teeth begin to look a little longer or you notice your gums have visibly receded, then you must see your periodontist. This is a sign of a dangerous periodontal infection and possible advancing gum disease. Speak with your periodontist about available treatments and the source of the gum recession.

Loose Teeth

Loose teeth might accompany gum recession, because the connective tissues are breaking down and releasing their hold on your teeth. If your teeth have felt loose or seemed to have shifted, even minutely, then make a dental appointment soon. Loose teeth are often a symptom of advanced gum disease, also known as periodontitis, and this condition is irreversible. To save as many of your teeth and gum tissue as possible, see your periodontist right away.

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