is sedation dentistry safe for you

Dentists around you answer your biggest concern ‘is sedation dentistry safe’? Read to find out

Have you ever delayed going to the dentist because you felt anxious or uncomfortable about it? If you have, you would be relieved to know that you are not alone. Many people experience a range of emotions, from anxiety to extreme fear, when it comes to dental procedures. 

There are many people who would rather bear dental pain than go to a dentist. If you are one of those people, do not worry because sedation dentistry may be the solution to your problem. Many people worry if this dental sedation procedure is safe, so let’s discuss what it is all about. 

What is Sedation Dentistry? 

  • Sedation dentistry is a medical technique that is performed to facilitate dental procedures in anxious patients. It involves different sedation drugs that are administered to the patient. Many people also know it as sleep dentistry, which is sort of a misnomer, because you are not always asleep during dental sedation. 

Levels of Sedation 

Your level of consciousness during sedation dentistry depends on the level of sedation used by your dentist. There are predominantly 4 levels of sedation and your dentist will offer you the most appropriate one based on your medical history and health.  

  • Minimum sedation: In this level of sedation, the patient is awake and a little relaxed. 
  • Moderate sedation: During moderate sedation, the patient is awake but he is markedly more relaxed and sedated. 
  • Deep sedation: Deep sedation means that the patient is semi-conscious during the procedure, and is deeply sedated. 
  • General Anesthesia: In this level of sedation, the patient is completely unconscious and has no idea of his whereabouts. 

Types of Sedation 

To achieve different levels of sedation, your dentist will use various types of drugs administered through different routes. The safety of sedation dentistry depends on the different types of drugs used and the patient’s response to them. 

  • Inhaled sedation: This involves inhaling nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen, also known as laughing gas. Inhaled sedation is considered one of the safest options. 
  • Oral sedation: As the name suggests, oral sedation involves taking oral sedatives.
  • IV sedation: The patient receives the sedative through a vein. This type of sedation works faster than the oral type. 

Safety of Sedation Dentistry

  • The safety of dental sedation depends on various factors. Even though it is one of the safest medical techniques, but some people may experience some side effects as well. It is important to talk to your dentist if you have any doubts. You can also ask him to explain what can go wrong, and what will be done in that case. 

Your dentist will take a detailed medical history before deciding on the type of sedation best for you. Inhaled sedation is considered to be the safest for most patients. 

  • Oral sedation involves the administration of oral sedative drugs and is considered safe for the majority of patients. There may be some risk involved for patients having medical conditions or taking different medications. But this risk is minimal and your dentist will take care of it. 

IV sedation comes with the most possible risk because it involves the patient being semi or completely unconscious. But still, this risk is not something to worry about if your dentist is skilled and knows what to do. Make sure that your dentist is experienced in the type of sedation that he decides to use for you. 


Sedation dentistry is generally considered safe for the majority of patients. It helps to relieve anxiety and relaxes you so you can get done with your dental procedures easily. In short, sedation dentistry can turn Icon Dental Clinic to make your nightmares into pleasant experiences. 

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