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From teeth alignment to beauty enhancement, braces are the most reliable solution. Braces provide you with perfect results. However, you need to follow some integral guidelines.

It will be awful if you do not achieve your desired goal despite long diligent efforts. To make sure you enjoy a beautiful smile, you should have to acknowledge the following dos and don’ts of braces.

The Dos of Braces

  • Brush your teeth carefully after fixed intervals.  Brushing your teeth comes as an essential practice for tooth care. However, it might seem difficult when you have braces. Although it sounds challenging to brush while having wires attached to your teeth, it assists you to impede several tooth problems.

Braces enhance the probability of food particles being stuck into your teeth. If these particles are not removed, they lead to problems such as tooth decay and cavities.

  • Do floss regularly.  Regular flossing helps maintain oral care. Moreover, it helps the gums to stay healthy and keeps the breath fresh. With braces, flossing helps prevent gum disease in parts of the mouth where brushing is not sufficient. Lastly, floss carefully without damaging wires of braces as it might lead to severe pain and discomfort.
  • Do let your doctor know about your sports aspiration.  Braces do not restrict your sporty activities; however, some care is required. One must protect their braces during practice. However, if you have an aggressive sports routine, it is preferable to pause for a while. You could also equip yourself with braces-protection tools such as a mouthguard.
  • Do visit your orthodontist for regular check-ups. Regular checkups are required to investigate the situation of the braces. Commonly, minor issues grow to become more significant problems. A routine checkup will help you to detect any developing setbacks. Speak to your dentist if you feel any pain.

The Don’ts of Braces

  • Don’t have problematic food. Yes, there is a complete list of food items that should be avoided with braces. This list includes foods that might leave small particles trapped into your teeth, and that might cause dislocation of braces. Firstly, chewy foods that are tough to consume should be avoided. This includes fruits, hard crust pizzas, etc.

Secondly, you should avoid sticky foods, such as chewing gum. These foods have more probability of dislocating your braces and being stuck in between your teeth. Lastly, you should also avoid foods that require hard bites such as corn and also, sugary food that might cause erosion of glue attached with braces.

  • Don’t get annoyed by elastic bands. Initially, braces might irritate you as it brings a change in your physical structure and naturally, we resist change. However, over a period, you will get used to it. These bands play an integral role in the alignment of teeth. If you keep on touching these elastic bands, you might not end up with favorable results.
  • Don’t use your teeth apart from chewing. If we notice, we use our teeth for multiple purposes which include opening packages and bags. Avoid chewing your nails and other objects because it might end up with serious injuries.

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