Everybody ages over time – there is no stopping it. As you grow older, you will notice some physical changes such as wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes, and in the area of your mouth. Although your mouth will naturally change as you age, there are certain changes in your mouth that may be … Read more

A lot of people are keen on the idea of straight teeth but put off getting braces because they don’t want unsightly metal wires all over their mouth. If you’re one of these people, Invisalign may be for you! These clear braces are able to straighten your teeth just as traditional metal braces can. However, … Read more

  General Dentistry We are a group of highly skilled general dentists in Seattle backed by an amazing team of dental professionals that can provide quality care to patients of all ages. We understand the importance of providing convenient, high-quality dentistry to our patients and their families. We encourage you to review the following important … Read more

  The idea of straightening teeth has been around for hundreds of years. People have tried using quite a variety of materials to build braces meant to straighten teeth and align jaws. Wire braces have been improved time and time again. Today, however, Invisalign technology is the way to go. This brace technology goes beyond … Read more


Looking for a local dentist in Seattle? Be patient with the process, because there are quite a few things to be taken into consideration. That being said, also don’t wait until you’re doubled over in pain! A great dentist will serve you for years and you’ll always know where to go when your teeth need … Read more

dentist choosing tooth color for patient at clinic

Everybody wants a set of white teeth. They boost confidence, help you to have a clean look and they reflect good oral health. However, this has to be done right in order to avoid an issue that could ensue if you start picking up just any over the counter whitening product. While side effects from … Read more


Our dental professionals in Seattle do a lot of dirty work to ensure that our oral health is at its best. From a regular dental cleaning, filling a cavity to performing a root canal surgery, they are always attentive to our specific conditions and personal preferences on how to deal with the issue. It’s of … Read more

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