General Dentistry

We are a group of highly skilled general dentists in Seattle backed by an amazing team of dental professionals that can provide quality care to patients of all ages. We understand the importance of providing convenient, high-quality dentistry to our patients and their families. We encourage you to review the following important concepts if you are considering making an investment in your smile and overall health through general dentistry:

Art and Science

Dentistry can be an art form as well as a science. Our standards are a lot higher and we are experienced dentists able to tend to anything that might come along as we take our patient’s needs seriously and treat them as if they were our family. We will not let you walk out with something we wouldn’t find suitable for our loved ones.

Time Commitment

Dentistry can sometimes require a significant time commitment, which means you may need to take some time off work or school to get work done. We try to offer longer appointments rather than multiple shorter appointments in order to not take you away for too long from your daily life. Once the treatment has begun, it is important that it is completed in the time frame recommended by the doctor. If treatment is delayed or interrupted, it could change the planned treatment and may affect the cost and outcome.

Treatment Awareness

It is important that treatment plans are performed in the particular order recommended by your dentist. Make sure you get clarification before treatment begins so that you know what expected and how much time and money will need to be put into your appointment. Issues can be discovered through x-rays or during the examination that needs to be corrected right away. In the case that issues are found, you will be immediately informed on the impact it may have on the final time frame and cost of a treatment.

Secure Financial Arrangements

Make sure you are comfortable with all financial arrangements before proceeding with the plan. After establishing your dental budget, secure financing to determine which treatment options you want to proceed to and make sure that it is completed within the time frame your dentist recommends and that suits your schedule.

Oral Health Care

Dental hygiene is a huge part before and after any treatment. It should always be a priority. Going to the dentist will be much easier if you have good oral hygiene practices. You may be recommended an antimicrobial rinse to use before, during and after your treatment by your hygienist. We use high-quality materials and advanced techniques, yet some restorations just last longer than others. Good to excellent oral hygiene will increase the chances of your restoration lasting longer. Maintenance is very important meaning brushing, flossing, rinsing, and regular cleaning appointments with your dentist or hygienist.

Know your Limitations

We strongly recommend dental cleaning appointments every three to four months, instead of every six, after extensive treatment. Just like you would change the oil, or get a tune-up for a new car. Be sure to protect your investment with regular cleanings.

Break Bad Habits

Your natural teeth health is determined by your habits. If you bite your fingernails, chew on ice often, or like gnawing on things, you are risking damaging your teeth. Other habits such as smoking or drinking coffee are obvious ones that will most definitely affect your oral health.

When to Whiten

If you are looking to whiten your teeth, your doctor will most likely recommend you to whiten them before pursuing dental restorations, but it is really the decision of your oral health condition as well as your expectations of treatment.

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