For better understanding, we talk about some factors about teeth whitening – facts vs myths

Pearly white teeth are the hallmark of a beautiful smile. Over time, due to the consumption of pigmented beverages and foods, our teeth develop stains and discolorations. Teeth whitening procedures are performed to remove these stains and discolorations. Professional teeth whitening is safer and more effective than drugstore whitening products.

According to estimates, a staggering 45 million Americans opt for professional teeth whitening procedures in a year. Due to the lack of knowledge and an absence of first-hand experience, many misconceptions have been associated with this procedure. Let us debunk some teeth whitening myths to understand the procedure better.

Myth – It Corrodes The Enamel

  • During professional teeth whitening procedures, dentists use active oxygen to decolorize the pigments found on the enamel. Active oxygen dissolves the chemically bonded pigments and plaque from the teeth. Enamel corrosion only occurs when some mechanical drill is used to whiten the teeth. Oxygen whitening works through chemical dissolution which does not cause any physical damage to the teeth’ enamel.

Cheap teeth whitening products that contain low-grade abrasives are also harmful to the teeth but professional-grade teeth whitening products are usually very safe for the teeth.

Myth – Teeth Whitening Can Correct Any Type of Discoloration

Teeth whitening products are effective for most types of stains and discolorations. However, some marks and patches cannot be rectified with teeth whitening products such as:

  • Pigment spots formed due to the intake of medicines especially antibiotics
  • Due to the spread of infection, the nerves are removed for some teeth. These teeth are called dead teeth. They often become black in color. Dead teeth cannot be brightened with teeth whitening products rather they can only be corrected with veneers.

Fact – Teeth Whitening Can Be Performed At Home

  • teeth whitening - facts vs mythsProfessional teeth whitening gives better results for in-depth stains and enamel deposits. However minor stains and yellow coating can be removed with the help of at-home teeth whitening products. At-home teeth whitening gels contain a lower percentage of hydrogen peroxide and active oxygen. These two ingredients remove the chemically bonded discolorations and result in bright white teeth.

To get the best results, look for clinically approved products as they are safe to use and super effective. For the longevity of the results, use whitening mouthwash, toothpaste, and remineralizing gel on daily basis.

Myth – Tooth Whitening Gives Permanent Results

  • Professionally performed tooth whitening procedure gives solid results but they don’t last forever. This is due to the fact that some plaque is deposited on our teeth every time we consume food. Over time the plaque becomes more prominent and gives a yellow hue to the teeth.

Another factor that contributes to the development of stains is the consumption of pigmented food and drinks such as juices, coffee, tea, and red wine. While teeth whitening does not give permanent results, with proper dental care, consuming balanced food, limiting alcohol consumption, and avoiding smoking, the results can be maintained for a long time.

Fact – Teeth Sensitivity Increases After A Whitening Procedure is Performed

  • The tooth’s enamel is made of a porous structure. When the whitening gel is applied, the pores open and the active oxygen penetrates the dentin, which is the second hard structure after the enamel. The pores in the enamel remain open which increases the tooth’s sensitivity to hot and cold sensations. To prevent discomfort, apply gels that contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and hydroxyapatite. This will help close the pores of the enamel.

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