Dentist near you explain how orthodontic problems can be corrected with braces

Teeth play multiple roles; they act as tools for mastication, give structure to the face and adorn the face with a smile. Having a perfect set of teeth is a gift of nature, but not everyone is blessed with perfectly aligned straight teeth. As per estimates, more than 4 million Americans suffer from crooked, misshapen, or misaligned teeth. Out-of-place teeth can make a person self-conscious and also causes certain biting issues.

To rectify multiple orthodontic issues, metal braces are used. Let us take a look at some of these common conditions that can be fixed with the help of dental braces.

An Overbite

An overbite is a dental irregularity in which the upper half of the teeth extends beyond the lower set of teeth. The top front teeth always stick out and both sets of teeth are not well aligned. An overbite can make people self-conscious. It also causes several dental issues, depending upon the severity of the overbite. Some of these dental issues are:

  • Having difficulty in biting and chewing
  • Developing gum damage
  • Front teeth can get damaged
  • The protruding teeth can damage the lower lips.

Metal braces have proven to be very helpful in re-aligning the protruding frontal teeth in the upper jaw.


This dental condition is the opposite of an overbite. An underbite is characterized by an overly extended set of lower teeth. Overbites become more prominent when the jaw is still and the teeth are in a resting position. The lower teeth overlap and cross the upper set of teeth.

Some of the dental issues which may arise due to an underbite are:

  • Eating issues such as trouble chewing food.
  • Difficulty in talking and making correct pronunciations
  • Increased risk of dental injuries
  • Face pain

Underbites can be fixed with metal braces.

Overcrowded Teeth

  • orthodontic problemsAs the name indicates, the gap between adjacent teeth is very little i.e. less than normal. Teeth compete to grow in the same limited space. As a result, teeth can overlap with each other and appear to be misaligned. Some teeth push forward while others grow backward. Overcrowded teeth are visually unappealing as they give a crooked appearance. Apart from appearance, bad breath is a common issue with overcrowded teeth.

The reason is that food particles get stuck in the tight crevices of overcrowded teeth. These food particles are difficult to remove through brushing and flossing. Hence, due to the lack of proper dental hygiene, overcrowded teeth are more prone to developing dental cavities, plaque, and gingivitis.

There is Too Much Space Between Teeth

  • Another dental irregularity occurs when the gap between adjacent teeth is greater than normal. There is no gap between healthily aligned teeth. However, for some people, teeth grow with considerable gaps in between. Space between adjacent teeth not only appears unattractive but also leads to unintentional grinding of teeth.

The gaps also trap food particles that are evasive and hard to get rid of. Irregular spacing between teeth increases the risk of gum disease. The spacing between the teeth distorts their appearance and makes them look smaller or larger than their actual size. If the spacing is extreme, it may seem that one tooth is missing.

The issue of spacing between teeth can be corrected with the help of metal braces.

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