When someone looks at you, the first thing that they focus on is typically your face. As humans, we’re trained to look for signs of friendliness or aggression on someone’s face, so we’re hardwired to look for things like a smile. For this reason, it’s essential that we keep our pearly whites in the best condition possible, as a nice smile always helps create a positive first impression. A smile is a sign of acceptance and non-aggression in every culture.

Coffee, tea, smoking, and even just poor dental hygiene can cause your teeth to become yellowed, which can have a detrimental effect not only on your self-esteem but on others’ perception of you as well. It may not seem like much of a big deal, but the truth is that yellow teeth can lead to stunted career growth and affect the opportunities that would otherwise be open for you to improve your life.

Therefore, it’s only logical that you talk to your dentist about tooth whitening so that they can help you to have healthy-looking pearly whites. Here are some teeth whitening options for you to take under consideration:

In-office whitening

This is by far the most effective and safest option for tooth whitening available. It ensures that your teeth will become whiter fast and that they’ll stay that way for a longer time. The effects are rapid. In fact, you can expect your teeth to become a shade or two whiter on the very first session, which is something that no other treatment option can offer.

Additionally, the risk of damaging your teeth at a dentist’s office is incredibly low, which is a huge plus when you consider that dental repair procedures can be extremely costly. While you may experience some sensitivity in your teeth, it’s unlikely that you’ll feel pain or have any gum recession problems.

Take-home whitening

Another option for teeth whitening is take-home treatment. For this type of process, your dentist may perform a basic teeth whitening procedure at his or her office. After that, they’ll let you have a whitening kit to take home. These kits are typically measured to fit your mouth. You’re supposed to wear them on your teeth during a specific time of the day and for a certain amount of time. This method may not be as quick and effective as an in-house treatment, but they’re more convenient and usually more affordable as well. Make sure that you ask your dentist whether you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure and when the best time will be to do so.

Don’t buy whitening products online

This is something that you should definitely avoid, as it’s highly dangerous and can have a bad and long-lasting impact on your teeth and overall health. At best, it won’t have any effect on your health; at worst, you may be looking at hospitalization or even death.

It’s always better to work with a professional when it comes to your medical and dental needs, so we would never suggest you buy a dental care product from the internet.

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