advantages of professional teeth whitening

Discover the incredible benefits of professional teeth whitening from a dentist near you A bright smile can change the way you feel about yourself. A variety of teeth bleaching products are available at the local drug store. Some of these products may work well. However, the benefits of professional teeth whitening treatment are unparalleled. Keep … Read more

dentist choosing tooth color for patient at clinic

When someone looks at you, the first thing that they focus on is typically your face. As humans, we’re trained to look for signs of friendliness or aggression on someone’s face, so we’re hardwired to look for things like a smile. For this reason, it’s essential that we keep our pearly whites in the best … Read more

If your teeth are crowded, overlapping, or have large gaps between them, you may be looking for a treatment solution that will give you a straight and healthy smile. The good news is that Invisalign may be right for you. Your dentist is the only one who can determine if you are a candidate for … Read more


Dentists everywhere will agree that water is the safest and best drink for your teeth and overall health. Water helps balance out the bacteria present in the mouth, and it can help prevent acidic damage to your daily dental care. Energy drinks, on the other hand, can cause substantial damage to the teeth and gums, … Read more

Scheduling dental exams in the Silver Lake area of Everett, WA shouldn’t be a trying experience. You should be able to address a dental emergency as it occurs, or see your dentist when it is convenient for you. Silverlake Dental Center offers same-day appointments, as well as flexible scheduling to better suit our patients’ needs. … Read more

If you’re concerned about the brightness of your teeth, consider some natural remedies for teeth whitening or teeth bleaching in Everett. Here are some helpful tips to keep your smile shining, in addition to visiting your dentist regularly. A good rule of thumb is: if it will stain your white t-shirt, it might stain your … Read more

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