Navigating braces anxiety – A step-by-step FAQ guide to calming your concerns

While the journey to a straighter, healthier smile is an exciting process, it’s natural to have questions and concerns. This comprehensive guide will address your concerns whether you’re considering orthodontic braces or already undergoing the treatment. Keep reading to turn your braces anxiety into a confident smile.

How Will My Appearance Change Once The Treatment Is Complete?

  • Visualizing the outcome of orthodontic treatment is a common curiosity for individuals considering braces or aligners. Orthodontists employ advanced tools to predict the post-treatment appearance of your smile. The process begins with a comprehensive assessment, including digital X-rays and an iTero® 3D scan of your teeth and gums.

This cutting-edge technology allows orthodontists to discuss a realistic version of the successful treatment’s potential impact on your smile. Advanced orthodontic facilities offer a fascinating glimpse into the future for those contemplating Invisalign aligners. By simply capturing a smiling selfie, a high-end tool simulates the transformation of your smile, providing a preview of the remarkable results.

Do Braces Cause Discomfort?

  • Some individuals may need to wear spacers between teeth for a week or two before receiving braces. This can result in tightness or soreness for a few days, similar to the sensation of having food stuck between your teeth, but this discomfort typically diminishes over time. Getting fitted for braces, including applying the glue (which might taste unusual), bonding the brackets, and connecting them with wires, usually doesn’t involve immediate pain.

After a few hours, you may feel the gentle pressure braces exert on your teeth. Any associated pain or discomfort is generally short-lived, lasting less than a week. You might also experience temporary soreness in your gums or teeth when chewing, which can be alleviated by consuming soft foods like yogurt, soup, bananas, and over-the-counter pain relievers. However, avoiding running your tongue along the braces is advisable to prevent cuts. Overall, the discomfort associated with braces is temporary, and most individuals become accustomed to them within a matter of weeks.

How Do Braces Impact Your Face?

  • braces anxietyThe impact of braces on your facial appearance can vary. When using braces or Invisalign aligners to align your teeth, the soft tissues surrounding them, such as your lips and cheeks, may gradually conform to the new dental alignment. However, these changes are typically more subtle in adults with already-established facial features. It’s important to note that braces do not alter the fullness or shape of your lips; rather, they influence the positioning of your lips.

For instance, correcting an underbite by aligning lower and upper teeth may give the appearance of slightly fuller lips. While braces do not directly affect the nose, they can influence the shape and size of the jaw, particularly in younger patients. In adults, if a change to the jawline is desired, surgical procedures are generally the only effective means of achieving this.

Can I Continue To Enjoy My Favorite Foods With Braces?

  • While there are certain foods to avoid, there’s a wide range of braces-friendly options that you can still savor. In the initial stages, soft foods like mashed potatoes and mac ‘n’ cheese are recommended until your mouth adjusts. After this period, you can consume almost anything except hard or sticky foods such as candy, popcorn, nuts, or hard pretzels.

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