Have your denture teeth become stained or discolored? Do you want to whiten them? Anyone who wears dentures will wonder some at one point whether they can whiten their false teeth or not. 

So can dentures, bridges and other false teeth can be whitened? In short, no they cannot be. Dentures are made with superficial surface staining that needs to be polished or cleaned but cannot be whitened through any professional or home-based means. Denture teeth are very different from natural teeth and they do not react well to teeth whitening solutions or toothpaste.

Typical dentures are made with acrylic which is composed of a set shade that can never be changed. If you force try, you could end up damaging the dentures instead. Also depending on the quality of the teeth, they may be getting stained due to porosity. 

You may have seen a lot of videos and posts on how to whiten false teeth, but how true are they? 

  • If your false teeth have become stained, then it is too late to whiten them. However, with proper care and oral hygiene routine, you can easily prevent the dentures from becoming stained or discolored. So if you are planning to get dentures, keep this in mind. You need to keep them well maintained in order to avoid them becoming pale. 

Here’s what dentists recommend how you should care for your dentures.

How To Care For False Teeth

  • The most basic care involves taking dentures off every day and cleaning them thoroughly so that they don’t stain. You can also use abrasive cleaners or soft-bristle toothbrushes to clean them but make sure that you do not scrub them hard.

You will also need to soak them in specific cleaners to help them maintain their original outlook. Just make sure to always brush before you take them off to soak. Only soaking them will not be enough to protect them from stains. 

  • The good news is that there are a lot of commercial-grade denture cleaners that can help you prevent stain build-up without harming the false teeth. These cleaners can easily be purchased at your dentist’s office or in a drug store. 

To get the best results from soaking dentures, use white vinegar or baking soda because both of them help loosen up the stained plaque on the teeth and it then makes it easier for you to brush them off. 

  • If you intend to use baking soda, only use 2-3 teaspoons of it in warm water and let the dentures rest in the water all night. But again, make sure to brush them properly before soaking.

You can also have your dentures professionally cleaned by a dentist. If you want the best cleaning in Everett or Seattle, contact Icon Dental Center today. We provide various cosmetic dentistry services as well as general dentistry. Walk into our clinic or book an appointment by either giving us a call or filling a short form on our website. 

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