Learn how you can avoid dental damage during the Halloween season

Halloween is one of the most anticipated occasions of the year. Kids count the days till they can don costumes, dress up as their favorite characters, and go on a hunt for treats. Kids love candy and Halloween provides the perfect opportunity to gobble loads of candy. Most kids pile up a lot of candy with the intention of eating it over the winter season.

Candy, sweets, and chocolates present multiple health issues. They are particularly bad for the teeth because the deposition of sweet residue on the teeth is the primary cause of the development of cavities inside the mouth. However, you can reduce the risk of dental decay by following these important tips. So let’s take a look.

Pair Candy with Everyday Meals

  • Allow your kids to have candy but only at specific times. Research suggests that eating candy after meals neutralizes the decay-causing acids produced by bacteria when they attack the sweet residue that is deposited after consuming candy.  This is because the mouth produces more saliva when we eat our meals. Hence, the saliva washes out the acids and cleans your mouth from food particles.

Choose The Lesser Evil

All candy is bad for dental health, but some are worse. These include:

  • Hard candy. It stays in your mouth for longer which means more deposition of sweet residue on your teeth. Most children crush the candy with their molars forcefully which damages the structure of the tooth.
  • Sticky candies like taffy and gummy bear. Candies that stick inside your mouth are hard to clean and take longer to be washed away by saliva.

Increase Water Intake

Discipline your children to increase water intake around the Halloween season. Fluoridated water prevents dental decay by washing out the sticky substances present inside your mouth and maintaining the pH of the mouth at optimal levels.

Eat Well

  • dental damage during halloween seasonMost candies are made of sugar and other additives. They have little nutritional value and have a very high glycemic index. They raise the blood sugar level and leave you with weird food cravings. To maintain their blood sugar levels and to snub sugar cravings, feed your children a balanced diet consisting of protein, fats, and vitamins. Eating well during candy season minimizes the damaging effects of candy on the mouth and the body.

Keep Less Candy Around The Home

  • Before the start of the Halloween season, condition your kids to donate some candy to charity organizations. Ask them to keep pieces of their favorite candy while the rest goes to charity. This will teach them the value of kindness and reduce the volume of candy at home as well.

Brush Every Time After Eating Candy

  • Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day before going to bed and after waking up. However, during the Halloween season, the frequency needs to be increased. Train your kids to brush their teeth every time they eat candy. Doing so will get rid of candy particles and the decay-causing bacteria. Adopt the practice of flossing your teeth to remove candy particles from elusive fissures and crevices.

Book Dental Appointments After Halloween

  • Dentists recommend getting a dental checkup after every 6 months or so. Plan your next dental appointment a few days after the Halloween season. This way, any dental damage that may have occurred will be spotted and treated straightaway.

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